Living Room Makeover!

I am finally sharing some photos from our home makeover! We worked with Amy from Ames Interiors and she was incredible!!! She did a blog post linking everything so I am going to link that here if anyone wants to shop specific pieces and also see before photos.

I love our living room! We had gone through so many different decor pieces in here and I just wanted everything to feel complete and Amy put together the perfect look. We had this couch before the home makeover, I had already ordered the coffee table, and Amy suggested adding the curtains, round stools, and other smaller decor pieces to finish everything off.

These prints are from Forn Studio! I had some other ones from there hanging up already but Amy picked out some new ones that went better together. These are really inexpensive and they have a ton of cute options!

I was soooo happy to finally have this table styled! I had NO idea what to put on here before Amy came and was basically just using it for storage haha!

Our kitchen also got a makeover!! Amy did a separate blog post on our kitchen so that is linked here.

Prettiest styled cabinet!!

I am obsessed with everything! Amy was amazing to work with and if you are looking to have any interior design work done, definitely contact her!! Her post has all the links to everything so check that out if you are wanting to shop! She also shared photos of the other rooms in our house that she did.

Have a good week!!




  1. Nikki
    April 2, 2020 / 8:56 am

    Wow it looks so cute! At least you’re making the most out of it and get to enjoy it 24/7 ?. Hope you’re doing great and have an awesome day ;)