Baby #2 + First Trimester Update!

Super excited to share that we are expecting BABY #2 in October!! Watch our announcement video here!

When I was pregnant with Cove I did blog updates and I want to try and do those again this time! I will be answering the same questions every time to see how things progress.


How Far Along?

– As I type this I am 14 weeks and 5 days! (Exact same as the last time I wrote this! I copied and pasted my questions from the my other first trimester update and I didn’t even have to retype that answer haha)


Weight Gain? 

– I have gained more weight this time because I was so sick and i’m still not able to eat as healthy! I think I’m at about 6 pounds so far.


Maternity Clothes?

– Not yet! Definitely not wearing my jeans anymore because anything tight hurts.



– Sleeping pretty well! I was getting up in the night to pee but I’ve been trying to not drink water right before bed to avoid this haha. I usually wake up around 4 and have to try and fall back asleep.


Best Moment This Week?

– We went to Fetal Fotos and got an ultrasound! I haven’t been before and usually just get them in the dr’s office but this was worth every penny and they really took their time to make sure we had a good experience.


Weird Pregnancy Moment? 

– Hmm I can’t really think of anything! I think the weirdest thing is that im 14w 5 days typing this and was the exact same days last time I wrote this same post! Baby telepathy.


Baby Movement? 

– Getting to see baby moving around so much on the ultrasound!


Food Cravings?

– Mostly still food aversions! Healthy/normal food is slowly starting to sound better.


Anything Making You Queasy? 

– Everything was but it’s getting better now. Specifically looking in the fridge or seeing food in the sink or really any smell in the kitchen. Or leftovers! I would crave something, eat it, and then the next day thinking about the leftovers in the fridge would make me sick.



– We did the 10 week blood test and confirmed what we are having at the ultrasound yesterday but we aren’t sure when we will share!


Something You’re Looking Forward To?

– Feeling baby move! I felt Cove around 16 weeks so hopefully in a week or two.


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