20 Week Pregnancy Update!

I can’t believe I am officially halfway done with my first pregnancy! I feel like it has gone by so fast. I posted another update video so I wanted to do a blog post too! I also did one of these after my first trimester, you can read that here. A lot of exciting things have happened the past few weeks so i’m excited to share with you guys!


How Far Along?

– 20 weeks!

Weight Gain?

– I have gained about 9 pounds so far!

Maternity Clothes?

– I don’t need these yet, but I also haven’t tried to wear any of my jeans in a while so I wonder how well they would fit… I think I will get a maternity pair once my belly is bigger!


– I actually stopped having to get up twice a night to pee which has been nice, but my sleep has been all over the place in general! I go through phases sometimes where I don’t sleep as well so I have been sleeping less but not really due to being pregnant. I have been getting really tired by 8 pm though, and waking up around 7 am! Someone also sent me a pregnancy pillow to try out so that’s fun!

Best Moment This Week? 

– Parker finally felt the baby kick a few nights ago! I also could actually see her kicking last night too. Also not pregnancy related but yesterday we took Luma to see the Easter Bunny and that was definitely so memorable and cute!!

Weird Pregnancy Moment?

– I think the top part of my belly is also starting to stick out and be bigger! It feels weird to sit down and have my boobs be sitting on my stomach hahah. The baby has been so low only the bottom of my belly was bigger but now the whole thing is starting to be out farther!


Baby Movement?

– Yes!!! I felt her for the first time at 15 weeks and it felt like a little muscle twitch. Now at 20 weeks I feel her a few times a day!

Food Cravings?

– Yesterday I really wanted a beans and rice enchilada so we went and got one! Also loving cookie dough lately. There is a place by my house that has cookie dough with no eggs so it’s safe to eat during pregnancy!

Anything Making You Queasy?

– Still can’t think about eating edamame or limes…


– We had a 15 week and 20 week ultrasound confirming it’s a girl!

Something You’re Looking Forward To?

– Feeling her move a lot more, it’s so fun! We also head to Greece in a couple weeks so that will be a great time.





  1. Gabi
    April 30, 2019 / 4:27 pm

    AHHH I can’t wait to see your cute baby! You are going to be the best, cutest mom! I cannot wait to see all of the adorable outfits you dress her in and seeing her grow up into a teenager and an adult. I’m so happy for you Aspyn!
    p.s. I am naming my first girl Aspyn, not because I’m copying you, but just because ever since I was little I thought it was an adorable name!!

  2. June 2, 2019 / 12:30 pm

    I love hearing the updates about you and your future baby! I can’t wait to see the photos once she is born. I would love to read some blog posts about how your expectations of being pregnant varied from the reality of being pregnant. Recently, so many YouTubers like Colleen Ballinger have shed light on the harsher realities of being pregnant, and I would love to hear your side to this developing narrative. Congratulations on your pregnancy. I cannot wait to follow your journey into motherhood.