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Hi guys! Long time no post!!! We have been so busy with opening our online clothing store (check it out here) and also traveling so I am just now finding time to sit and post about our trip even though we have been back for a week already. I wanted to do a post all about our trip to Turks and Caicos and give you guys info on everything we experienced (basically a mini travel guide)! I am working on a travel diary so once that is finished, I will link it to this post :) Hope everyone is having a great weekend!

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For the first 3 nights of our trip, we stayed at this beautiful AirBnb. (You can click this link to get a $20 AirBnb credit!) It was really pretty and obviously plenty of space for the 4 of us that were staying there. I definitely would recommend this place to anyone looking to go to Providenciales. It was pretty pricey but honestly not that much more than the hotel we also stayed at, and to have a whole house to ourselves was really nice. We filmed a house tour of it so you can watch that here. We also stayed at the Blue Haven Resort for the second half of our trip. We had a 2 bedroom suite that also had a full kitchen and it was perfect for us! Overall I wasn’t extremely impressed with the Blue Haven Resort because the service wasn’t really that great and there also wasn’t a ton to do there. We drove 10 minutes down to Grace Bay beach (the house was walking distance to the hotel, so also a 10 minute drive to Grace Bay) everyday so I would recommend staying in a hotel closer to there if you can. 10 minutes obviously isn’t that long or far but it still would have been nice to be right on Grace Bay! The beach at this hotel also didn’t open up to the ocean, it had another piece of land right in front of it so it was more of a canal. Not that big of a deal but we liked being on Grace Bay beach better!


If any of you watch my vlogs you would know that I am a very picky eater and don’t really ever find any food that I like when I travel out of the country. But lucky for me, on this trip we decided to buy groceries for 90% of our meals and cook for ourselves since we had a full kitchen in both of the places we stayed. I always prefer to cook my own food so I was really happy about this! Since everything has to be imported to the islands, food is really expensive. We saved a ton of money by planning out our meals and not going out to eat that often. We did go to the Pork Shack and here is Parker’s review: “It was probably one of the best pulled pork sandwiches I have ever had.” … Haha so that’s that. Our friends that we traveled with also liked that place as well. We also ate at a little cafe next to the IGA Grocery store and I think they also said that place was pretty good too! I wandered in there when I saw on one of their signs that they had lentil soup (one of my favorite things to make/eat) so I tried that out and it was decent… Mine is better 😉. Also the IGA Grocery store had a bigger selection and seemed to be cheaper than the Graceway Gourmet grocery store but it is farther down the road so we didn’t find it until a couple days in. We also ate at the Seven Star hotel restaurant one day and I had a really yummy salad with berries and nuts!! I think everyone except me tried the conch (what Turks and Caicos is famous for) and they said that was pretty tasty too. Overall I am really happy we chose to cook most of our own meals because 1) I got to eat food I like and 2) it saved us a bunch of money!

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We spent a lot of our time relaxing on Grace Bay Beach and swimming in the pool at our villa but we also went on a really fun snorkel tour with Island Vibes Tours. We went on a boat from 9 am to 1 pm and they took us to a great snorkel spot, fed us lunch, and showed us this beautiful lagoon and some of those giant iguanas. We went to the grocery store every single day as well. We planned out most of our meals but there was always something we were out of. Usually it was chips, but we still had salsa. So we would buy just chips, then the next day we would be out of salsa so we would go buy salsa. Then the next day we would have salsa but no chips. It was basically a never ending cycle of only having one or the other haha. Also we got a rental car which I 100% recommend, especially since we weren’t staying right on Grace Bay. I think the Graceway Gourmet grocery store is probably a 5-10 minute walk from Grace Bay so I guess if you are staying on Grace Bay you probably don’t need a car. Other than that we mostly just relaxed! Every night we cooked dinner, played cards, went swimming and watched Kardashians. It was nice to not have our itinerary crowded with activities and just have a slow paced vacay.

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Our cute friends got engaged on this trip. How fun!

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I hope you guys enjoyed this mini travel guide! As I said our trip was pretty chill so I don’t have a ton of information or tips but I hope this was helpful someone. Turks and Caicos travel diary is coming soon! Also check the slideshow above for the links to my outfits :)


summer outfits under $50

For my video last week I showed 10 of my favorite summer outfit pieces that are all under $50! I wanted to do a bunch of photos showing each piece but it’s seriously 110º+ degrees outside right now every single day so I decided not to haha. But I wanted to share the video here incase anyone hasn’t seen it and link some of my other current favorite summer outfit pieces for anyone looking to add to their wardrobe!

This week my family is moving and Parker and I have all the clothes for our online store packed up and ready to take up north since my mom will be handling shipping the orders. It will be a huge change for me to have my mom so far away but since we are all running a new business together, Parker and I have considered getting a second place up north so we can be closer! Lots of changes will be happening in the next few months so I am excited to start a new chapter. I hope everyone enjoyed this short post and is having a great week! I love you all!


Today I am sharing some of my favorite items from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale! All these items are $50 or less which is great for anyone who isn’t looking to spend a ton of money. The sale is finally open to the public so everyone can take advantage of the great deals! Don’t forget to also check out this post I did a few days ago showing some more favorites from all different categories. Lately I have had so much fun doing more fashion based content! I decided to kind of take all my content in a new direction and start posting more things that I am interested in instead of just sticking to the same things I usually do like life hack videos, etc. I still enjoy that type of content but also wanted to incorporate some new things since I feel like my interests have changed in the past year or so. Anyways, I think I mentioned in my last post that I haven’t shopped the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale before but the discounts are seriously impressive on a lot of really cute items. I am going to do a haul with a few things I got so make sure you’re subscribed to my YouTube channel to see what #NSale items I picked up! *Also I don’t know why but the accurate sale prices arent showing in the slideshows I made, so make sure to click on the items to see what the price really is!*



*I messed up this slideshow and accidentally put the grey cardigan which is over $50 but it’s really cute haha so I am just going to leave it!! 😬 *