Hey guys! Today I am sharing some pictures of our new room decor. I always like to switch up my decor around the holidays and usually I get a little more festive but this year I wanted to just keep things a little more neutral and simple. I added some new pieces from Urban Outfitters and ordered a new platform bed and this is how it all looks! I am still not completely finished and if you watch my vlog channel you’ll get to see what the other half of the room looks like (hint: it’s very messy) so I am still going to be changing and rearranging a few things but for now I am loving how everything looks!


I looooooove this new duvet cover from Urban Outfitters! It’s reversible and comes in 2 other colors. I love the simple color but I also really love the mauve on the other side so this one is perfect for me. I ordered some new pillow cases that are the same color so some of these pillows will change but for now I have these rose jersey ones on our back pillows and then some colorful ones in front of those. I think the colorful ones I have are sold out but I will link some similar ones here. Also I got this new speckled pillow and added that to the front. I think this pillow is on sale so definitely get it now if you want it! Also I added these Be Still My Soul posters to our wall since I got rid of our headboard. I loooove these posters they are so cute, I have them in some black frames from Ikea. I want to get a dresser or something to replace the mirror in the corner since it look’s a little weird next to the posters now. Also I have had that copper lamp for a while now but I will link that here too!


New throw blanket! I have so many of these I am obsessed and this one also comes in a bunch of colors. I layered it over this faux fur one I have had my eye on for SO LONG. Seriously the cutest blanket in the world!


Another thing I added to our room was this pouf from Amazon. It was only $60!! It’s at the end of our bed next to this tray with my new candle and journal from UO. The candle smells really yummy and I love the color of this journal! It also comes in 2 other colors and I think things that come in other colors are pretty great so I feel like mentioning that for every item it applies to haha.

urban-outfitters-fall-winter-room-decor-makeover-ideas-32 urban-outfitters-fall-winter-room-decor-makeover-ideas-31 urban-outfitters-fall-winter-room-decor-makeover-ideas-35


I also got a cute new plant! I put it in this new planter and I also added this cute christmas tree to my mini nightstand! I love this cube I will try to link a similar one here, and I will link the polaroid frames as well!

urban-outfitters-fall-winter-room-decor-makeover-ideas-24 urban-outfitters-fall-winter-room-decor-makeover-ideas-23 urban-outfitters-fall-winter-room-decor-makeover-ideas-20 urban-outfitters-fall-winter-room-decor-makeover-ideas-33 urban-outfitters-fall-winter-room-decor-makeover-ideas-26

I added some of these string lights with clips to my mirror and hung some photos on them. I am planning on moving this mirror to the other side of the room but I love string lights and had them on my headboard before so these ones with the clips are perfect to hang pics on my mirror. I have a bunch of pics from Pinterest hung up now but I want to print some of my own to hang! I mentioned this photo printer a while back and it’s perfect for printing pictures from my phone.

urban-outfitters-fall-winter-room-decor-makeover-ideas-21 urban-outfitters-fall-winter-room-decor-makeover-ideas-22

Halfway through shooting this blog post our new bed showed up so these 2 pics are from before we switched that out! I like our headboard but wanted something more simple so I picked out a platform bed. The one we have is sold out but this one is the same but a little shorter. I got this  woven wall hanging from Urban and I think it is so so cute! I took it off this wall when we put in the new bed but I am going to hang it in another spot in our room but how cute is it!

urban-outfitters-fall-winter-room-decor-makeover-ideas-37 urban-outfitters-fall-winter-room-decor-makeover-ideas-38

I added this rug to our bathroom also! It’s my fav color!

urban-outfitters-fall-winter-room-decor-makeover-ideas-27 urban-outfitters-fall-winter-room-decor-makeover-ideas-29

Overall I am so happy with how everything is turning out! I still have a lot of things to add and change but so far so good! I will have official links to everything I showed and also a few other pieces I love right here –

We vlogged the day we set all this new stuff up so that video will be below. Hope you guys are all having a great day!

*Thank’s to Urban Outfitters for sponsoring this post!


bora-bora_-2 bora-bora_-3 bora-bora_-4 bora-bora_-8 bora-bora_-5 bora-bora_-6 bora-bora_-10 bora-bora_-9

I found this cute romper on the Urban Outfitters Sale page! Even though winter is coming I picked up a few summer-y items from the sale page cause some items are such a good deal!

bora-bora_-13 bora-bora_-14 bora-bora_-15

More pictures from our Bora Bora trip with Tarte Cosmetics! Most of these pictures are from the day we had a picnic in the water and from the day we went on the jet ski tour! The picnic was the coolest thing! There were big picnic tables in the water and we ate off of plates made of leaves! The jet ski tour was also SO fun! We did it last year too and I was so excited to see that it was on our itinerary. I think the jet ski tour of Bora Bora is my absolute favorite thing I have ever done in my entire life. The whole time I was soaking it all in and I felt pure joy and happiness. If you ever get a chance to stay at the Four Seasons Bora Bora… DO IT and do the jet ski tour!! I am finally posting my Bora Bora travel diary today also! I really liked how the video turned out when I first started editing but then I watched it 100000 times so now I am over it and don’t love how it turned out haha. But I hope you guys like it! Thanks again to Tarte Cosmetics and Four Seasons Bora Bora for having us :)




How pretty is Bora Bora! Laughing at how wrinkly this shirt is haha I thought I could fix it when I was editing the photo but nope!! This shirt is from our store though and when it’s not wrinkled it’s reeeeeeeally cute ;)

bora-bora_-28 bora-bora_-24 bora-bora_-23 bora-bora_-18 bora-bora_-32

Love this comfy red maxi dress! The back is sooo cute!


This swimsuit is one of my favs! The color I have is sold out but the same style is available still!

bora-bora_-26 bora-bora_-31 bora-bora_-22 bora-bora_-21 bora-bora_-19 bora-bora_-16 bora-bora_-12

Back in Bora Bora! This is my number one favorite place in the entire world. I am SO GRATEFUL we got to come back here for a second time! I will link my posts from last year here. We came here with Tarte Cosmetics to celebrate the launch of their new #RethinkNatural Eyeshadow palette, lip sticks, and highlight palette! It was our first trip with Tarte and it was so so so much fun. It’s always fun to get to see our friends too. I have more pictures so I will be doing another blog post with those! We stayed at the Four Seasons Bora Bora like last year and it seriously is the BEST hotel! There are a lot of activities to do so those are fun and it’s also nice to just hang by the pool or beach and relax! I wanted to do an outfit diary on this trip and start doing more fashion content but my package of clothes didn’t arrive in time so I linked a few pieces above. Let me know if you want to see more outfit posts and things like that! Also make sure you are caught up on all my lifestyle videos and vlogs too! We are going to be in Kauai next week so I am really excited to make some cool content when we are out there! We are going with Parker’s sister and her husband and it’s our first trip with just the 4 of us so I am really really excited! More pics coming soon, hope you guys all have a great weekend!