So excited to be posting about PLAYLIST LIVE! My FAV event! Look out for an overload of pictures… :)

 My favorite dress of the moment! Find it here!

Parker was OBSESSED with his Trixin hat!! Thanks to Logan and Daehan for the hookup!

We went on a double date with Kenzie and Justin in Downtown Disney!

I met SO MANY OF YOU GUYS at my meet up! Best experience of the whole weekend!

Parker also loved taking pictures with people! He even signed a few autographs haha!

I’m proud to say I continued my tradition of ordering a pizza at Playlist… it was of course delicious.

Playlist rented out Universal Studios on the last night of the event!

I got this amazing donut in Krustyland… SO GOOD!

This is a terrible photo but I just wanted to document that I am so proud of myself for going on this INSANE roller coaster!

I got to meet my favorite YouTubers Ellie and Jared! I LOVE THEM!


I had SO much fun at Playlist Live in Orlando this past weekend! I brought Parker with me which made the trip more special :) He hadn’t ever been to anything like it so it was fun to show him the “other side” of my life hehe. I woke up sick on the first day so we didn’t do anything but go to Cheesecake Factory (since I had a cold I couldn’t even taste my food) and go to Target to buy medicine. We did end up going to the nightly party though and actually had a lot of fun! Parker got to meet Shay Carl which he was really excited about. On the second day we went on a little date with my friends Kenzie and Justin in Downtown Disney! We went on a hot air balloon type ride and I filmed one of my outfits. The next day was my meet up! It was one of the best experiences I have ever had! It was so amazing to meet people who support and love what I do! Overall the weekend was so great and I had an awesome time. I’m glad Parker was with me to share it all!


Our anniversary started off with surprise donuts and flowers!

Obsessed with my Ran-Ban sunglasses… Link here!

We celebrated our first anniversary over New Years! We took a little road-trip. We went to a jazz game, went shopping, and basically just went around the city looking for cool places to take pictures! It was so fun to celebrate a full year of us being “officially together” :) We have been in each other’s lives for much longer than that… but celebrating an official year was special! This is the trip when I got my amazing coat from Forever 21. It’s seriously so warm and cozy and one of my favorite items in my closet now! Link here :)