London is AMAZING! I am so glad we decided to stay for a few days on our way to Greece. The flights all stopped in London with 13 hour layovers so we decided to stay for 2 days before coming to Santorini. We basically did all the touristy things like saw Big Ben, went on the London Eye, etc. Everything was so beautiful and the architecture was incredible. I kept thinking I was in some fake Disneyland created world or something because everything was so pretty and perfect and just amazing!!! We took a ton of pictures so hopefully you guys like seeing them! We also got a new camera lens so that was fun to play around with. It has been to fun being with my Parker and my mom on this trip! My 2 favorite people in the world. None of us have been to Europe so we are all so happy and grateful to be here. As I said we are in Santorini so more blog posts will be coming soon as well as vlogs! We have been posting daily vlogs for the past couple weeks so if you havent seen those, you can find them here! Thanks for reading and I hope you guys all have a good night/day! So weird that here I am about to go to bed and my little brother is still at school! Haha time differences are so fascinating to me for some reason. Anyways, I LOVE YOU GUYS!




WE MADE IT TO LONDON! I decided to do a quick post with some photos we took today while we went sightseeing! We saw so many amazing buildings and went to so many amazing places and we vlogged them all! Our London Day 1 vlog is up already, you can click here if you would like to watch it! We have another full day here and then we head to Greece for another few days! I hope you guys are all having a great week! I will have another blog post soon :) Thanks for reading guys!💜



Wow I have not blogged in forever! I have been so busy with traveling and videos, but I am really wanting to get more into blogging! I was actually thinking about making a video about becoming a blogger in the near future, comment below or tweet me (@aspynovard) if you would like to see that!

So many exciting things are happening in the next couple of months. Lots of life changes! You guys will see as they all come along and you can follow along on our vlog channel ( if you want to see our daily adventures. I am currently writing this post at 11:35 pm and thinking about how I excited I am to be in Europe in a few days! I CAN’T WAIT ANY LONGER! We leave on Saturday and won’t get to London until Sunday! We will be there for a few days and then head to Greece for the rest of the week. I will be posting a million Insta photos everyday so make sure you are following me on Instagram (@aspynovard)! I feel like I have shouted out all of my social medias in this post hahah that was not supposed to be the point of me writing this. The point is I’m really excited for the future! We have been slowly collecting things for the house and are hoping it will be done in early November. It’s going to be so much fun decorating and getting settled there. I have been ready to move out for a while but was waiting to get a house figured out and it took a long time but is  finally happening. I. AM. SO. EXCITED. These next few weeks/months are going to be crazy and I’m so glad you guys are here with us to experience everything.

We have been having so much fun with vlogging and have had so much support and so many nice comments. We have also been to SO many events lately and met so many of you guys! It’s so fun to see Parker at these events because he is still so new to everything but he is loving every second of meetups and signings and everything else we have experienced! Our next event is Playlist DC in the beginning of September so hopefully we get to meet a ton of you!

Well writing this blog post has been fun haha! I want to start doing one at least one a week if not more. I think that once the house is done and things slow down a little bit I will be able to keep up with it and be more organized. Thank you guys for reading this and I hope you all have a great weekend!

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