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How amazing is this beach villa!! We stayed at the Sun Siyam Resort for the second half of our stay in the Maldives. It was so so so pretty and we loved it so much. This island was so different than the last one we stayed on, the water was a lot more blue and I thought it was a lot prettier. We stayed in a villa instead of an overwater bungalow this time and it was fun to have a change! When we were getting a tour of our room we were freaking out at how cool it is. The bathroom is outside and it has a giant hot tub, an outdoor shower and a swing! We also had a private pool and cabana! We relaxed a lot at this hotel and just enjoyed our last few days here. It was great!


Hi guys! Today I am sharing how I curl my short hair. I am loving my hair short and finally have a way to style it that I like. I can do this in 5 minutes if i’m in a rush and I love the beachy look. I start off by doing these roll up curls throughout my entire head. I also like to use this dry shampoo (even if my hair is clean) to give it some texture so the curls stay better! This is the curling iron I use, it’s a 1 1/4 inch by HotTools!

This is what it looks like when I finish the wrap around curls, as you can see they aren’t that cute if you leave them like that so I like to take a few pieces on the top section and do some wrap around curls so that the top section looks nicer!

Once I finish with the wrap around curls, I like to add this beach spray to add even more texture. Also if you want to save a little bit of time by not doing the roll up curls on the top section so you don’t have to curl them twice, you can do that but I find that it’s just faster for me to do the whole thing and not worry about sectioning anything off!

Then I finish off with some hairspray! The Big Sexy Hair one is my favorite.

I like my curls to be a little more beachy looking so I leave out the bottom inch or two when I am curling pieces so that it looks a little more natural!

That’s it! This is so fast and easy once you have done it a few times. I love curling my hair this way since it’s so quick and turns out so cute! Let me know if you guys try these curls out! A lot of people ask how I dye my hair so I asked my mom what exactly she does since she colors my hair so here is exactly what she said:

“I use Redken bleach with 20 volume H2O2 and weave full head thin pieces but very heavy.  Process under dryer until almost pale yellow/white.  (Do not over process) Rinse and shampoo, towel dry well.  Apply Paul Mitchell Toner HLA and 5 volume H202 to scalp and then mush through rest of hair processing for 5-10 minutes until warmth of hair looks toned. Rinse and condition.”

I don’t really recommend dyeing your hair like this at home since it can end up looking really orange if you do it yourself, so if you have the money to go get it done I recommend doing that! I’m currently writing this post from my hotel room in Hawaii, I am on a girls trip with some of my YouTube friends and we are having the best time already and we just got here! I also still have more photos to post from the Maldives so those are coming soon :)



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Happy holidays everyone! I am spending this week up at my mom’s house and it is FREEZING here in northern Utah! It’s actually probably like 30º which I know isn’t that cold but… it’s still pretty cold! One thing I love about my mom is how she always takes the time to put up decorations inside the house for each holiday. The past year or so that I have had my own house has been so busy so besides our Christmas tree, no other festive pieces have been out! It’s nice that even though my family is spending this holiday living in a new place, it still feels like home with the old Christmas decor out :). Another one of my favorite things during the holidays = COMFY CLOTHES! I swear I spend so much money on cute clothes but 99% of the time I am wearing a cozy outfit because… why not! I am a huge fan of a matching top and bottom so when I saw these comfy ones on I had to get them! They have so many cute pieces for the winter time so I put together a little collection of items that are on my wish list! Christmas is coming soon so be sure to order fast if you want these goodies in time for the holiday! Also who noticed that Eevee is eating treats in both pictures that she is in?! That is the only way I could bribe her to sit still with me for 2 seconds… shes nuts!

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