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Link to this swim suit here! Different colors but just as cute :)

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Obsessed with this moon necklace!

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How cute is he? 😍

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Four Seasons Costa Rica!

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Link to this comfy top here!

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Fav sunnies and shorts!

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Hey guys! Finally posting some pics from Costa Rica! We went with Style Haul and had SO MUCH FUN! We actually ended up not getting on our flight to Costa Rica and having to be on a later flight so we stayed the night in Texas and got in a day later than planned. But it didn’t matter once we were there because it was so so so amazing and beautiful! We went hiking (this was 2 weeks ago and my calves are still sore?!? so weird…), zip-lining, and boating! We swam in the ocean during a rain storm and it was such an amazing experience. I don’t know if that’s dangerous or something hahaha but it made for a great memory! I always love traveling because it makes me more adventurous. We had such a good time and met new friends and it was awesome. Also I got a spray tan for this trip and it was a horrible idea… Between the humidity, sweating, being in and out of the pool, my spray tan was so ruined and splotchy and it seriously just looked like I had a weird disease or something haha. I couldn’t take my self tanner because I only took a carry on so basically I just looked really weird on this whole trip. Luckily Benefit sent me a travel size Zero Tan Lines bronzer so i’ll be good for my next trip ha! Have any of you guys been to Costa Rica before?


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Pink Coat (on sale!) | Beanie (similar) | Sunglasses | Sweater | Boots

Posting some pics from Paris! We loved being in Paris and had a great time! We hadn’t been on a trip where we got to do our own thing for a little bit so it was nice to just be able to walk around and enjoy the city and be with each other. It was sooooooo beautiful and amazing! I would definitely love to go back, especially since we only had 2 full days there so we didn’t get to see everything we wanted to see. I was so sad we didn’t have time to go to the Garden of Versailles!! We just got home from Copenhagen so I am getting caught up on posting and getting things done and it feels good! Hope you guys are all having a great weekend :)