The best part of this picture is how you can really see how much I am struggling to ride this bike hahaha!!

I love it here so much! The St. Regis Vommuli Resort is seriously the best. I’m currently writing this post while sitting on our deck enjoying the view and listing to old Demi Lovato music!!! Who agrees that some of her best songs are Don’t Forget, LaLa Land and all those other oldies?! We are checking out of this hotel today and moving to another one. I still have tons of pictures that I will be sharing but I just wanted to share how I am spending our last morning here! We ate a yummy breakfast out on our deck and we have a couple hours before we are actually leaving. We are planning on going to the Alba restaurant one more time before we checkout because it’s soooooo good. We have eaten there everyday since we have been here! Yesterday I got the black bean burger and it was AMAZING. I have’t had a burger in such a long time since I don’t eat meat burgers but this black bean one was delish! It was so fun to actually eat a burger… I don’t even know how to explain what I am saying but just the feeling of holding a burger was fun… does that even make any sense ?. These pictures are from a couple days ago when we ate at the pizza place and got ice cream! Crust is the cutest little restaurant right on the beach and right next to it they have a little shack where they sell homemade ice cream! As soon as I stepped into the sun the ice cream started melting and dripping everywhere so my vision for a cute ice cream photo did not go as planned!! I got the rockmelon flavor which I think is cantaloupe and Parker got the strawberry! We also rode bikes around for a little bit and took some outfit pics. This exact dress I am wearing is sold out but I’ll share some other cute ones below! My purse is from Luca + Grae, i’ll link it here!


View from the seaplane!

We made it to the Maldives! We traveled for over 30 hours but WOW was it worth it! We are staying at the St. Regis Vommuli resort in the Maldives for our first few days here. I wanted to share some pictures of our room because it is AMAZING! We are staying in one of the Sunset Overwater Villas with a private pool! This resort opened up in November of 2016 so everything is really nice and new. We snapped a few pics of our room and then headed out to explore the resort. More pictures and blog posts coming soon! And how pretty is this dress i’m wearing! I am obsessed! We also posted our first vlog from this trip, I will share it below!


kauai-hawaii-11 kauai-hawaii-13 kauai-hawaii-14 kauai-hawaii-15 kauai-hawaii-16 kauai-hawaii-10 kauai-hawaii-17 kauai-hawaii-12

I wanted to do a post sharing pictures we took camping while we were in Kauai! It was SO fun! I don’t really like to camp very much but usually if I am on a trip I don’t say no to a lot of things because 1) I probably won’t get a chance to do that specific thing ever again and 2) it always makes for a good memory. Our friends Rob and Sam took us to this amazing spot and we spent the night talking and getting to know each other better. I love meeting Internet friends! We all slept in tents and Sam cooked us a yummy vegan pasta dinner over the fire. I don’t think I actually slept at all because we shared a tent with Parker’s sister Cassidy (and her husband) and she SNORED. ALL. NIGHT. So loud!!!! I was also convinced someone was outside our tent walking around all night so and I kept waking Parker up and reminding him why taking me camping is always a bad idea…  In the morning the whole valley below us was filled with clouds and it was the prettiest and most magical view. This was my favorite things we did in Kauai!


india-beautiful-destinations_-4 india-beautiful-destinations_-3 india-beautiful-destinations_-5 india-beautiful-destinations_-2 india-beautiful-destinations_

This loose comfy dress is on sale! It’s from my clothing store :)

india-beautiful-destinations_-7 india-beautiful-destinations_-6

Lauren and Tara eating the cutest breakfast with a view of the Taj Mahal.

india-beautiful-destinations_-8 india-beautiful-destinations_-10 india-beautiful-destinations_-9 india-beautiful-destinations_-11 india-beautiful-destinations_-13 india-beautiful-destinations_-12 india-beautiful-destinations_-14 india-beautiful-destinations_-15india-beautiful-destinations_-16 india-beautiful-destinations_-17

This outfit I have on is sold out but I loooove this similar dress! It’s under $30 and the back is SO CUTE!


Cutest friends!


We experienced a mock Holi Festival! We threw colors, danced and ate really yummy food!

india-beautiful-destinations_-20 india-beautiful-destinations_-21

Parker’s first henna tattoo!

india-beautiful-destinations_-22 india-beautiful-destinations_-24 india-beautiful-destinations_-23 india-beautiful-destinations_-25 india-beautiful-destinations_-26 india-beautiful-destinations_-28

Craziest dessert at our ITC hotel in New Dehli. It took like 20 minutes to prepare and we seriously ate it in like 30 seconds! It was a whole bunch of different flavored sauces and chocolate and I don’t even know what else but I do know that it was DELISH!


We went to INDIA! We were invited to go on this trip with Beautiful Destinations and OBVIOUSLY we said yes. The trip ended up being right after our Bora Bora trip so we flew straight from there to India, and when I say straight I mean from Bora Bora to Tahiti, Tahiti to New Zealand, New Zealand to China, and China to India! It was such a long travel day(s) but so worth it. We stayed at the different ITC Hotels all over India and had such an amazing experience. We went to New Dehli, Agra, and Jaipur throughout the week and the long bus rides were so worth it once we got to each location. I wish I hadn’t taken so long to write this post so I could remember more specific details!!! Good thing we vlogged it all! Since India I have been to Salt Lake, Colorado, and Hawaii so my brain is frazzled and I seriously don’t remember what I did yesterday… Both Parker and I have been so busy with a million different projects and trips and it can be so hard to live in the moment with so much going on but I feel like I truly embraced and enjoyed every single second of this trip to India and I feel so grateful to be part of such a great experience. As much as I loved India and everything we did there, my favorite part of the trip was the people we were with. It was so inspiring to be with other creators who make such amazing content and I loved meeting these new friends. The people of India were also very kind! I don’t consider myself to be a people person and I am very shy but lately I have realized that as much as I like to travel and see new places I REALLY like to travel and meet new people because I love to hear their stories. This was one of my all time favorite trips because of the people we were with and the culture we got to experience. We visited the Taj Mahal, experienced a mock Holi Festival, mock wedding, and visited some of the crazy street markets. I am so grateful to Beautiful Destinations, the Luxury Collection, and ITC Hotels for this incredible experience and I am so grateful for all YOU guys because without you I would not have these opportunities to travel and see the world. I love every single one of you!


bora-bora_-2 bora-bora_-3 bora-bora_-4 bora-bora_-8 bora-bora_-5 bora-bora_-6 bora-bora_-10 bora-bora_-9

I found this cute romper on the Urban Outfitters Sale page! Even though winter is coming I picked up a few summer-y items from the sale page cause some items are such a good deal!

bora-bora_-13 bora-bora_-14 bora-bora_-15

More pictures from our Bora Bora trip with Tarte Cosmetics! Most of these pictures are from the day we had a picnic in the water and from the day we went on the jet ski tour! The picnic was the coolest thing! There were big picnic tables in the water and we ate off of plates made of leaves! The jet ski tour was also SO fun! We did it last year too and I was so excited to see that it was on our itinerary. I think the jet ski tour of Bora Bora is my absolute favorite thing I have ever done in my entire life. The whole time I was soaking it all in and I felt pure joy and happiness. If you ever get a chance to stay at the Four Seasons Bora Bora… DO IT and do the jet ski tour!! I am finally posting my Bora Bora travel diary today also! I really liked how the video turned out when I first started editing but then I watched it 100000 times so now I am over it and don’t love how it turned out haha. But I hope you guys like it! Thanks again to Tarte Cosmetics and Four Seasons Bora Bora for having us :)




How pretty is Bora Bora! Laughing at how wrinkly this shirt is haha I thought I could fix it when I was editing the photo but nope!! This shirt is from our store though and when it’s not wrinkled it’s reeeeeeeally cute ;)

bora-bora_-28 bora-bora_-24 bora-bora_-23 bora-bora_-18 bora-bora_-32

Love this comfy red maxi dress! The back is sooo cute!


This swimsuit is one of my favs! The color I have is sold out but the same style is available still!

bora-bora_-26 bora-bora_-31 bora-bora_-22 bora-bora_-21 bora-bora_-19 bora-bora_-16 bora-bora_-12

Back in Bora Bora! This is my number one favorite place in the entire world. I am SO GRATEFUL we got to come back here for a second time! I will link my posts from last year here. We came here with Tarte Cosmetics to celebrate the launch of their new #RethinkNatural Eyeshadow palette, lip sticks, and highlight palette! It was our first trip with Tarte and it was so so so much fun. It’s always fun to get to see our friends too. I have more pictures so I will be doing another blog post with those! We stayed at the Four Seasons Bora Bora like last year and it seriously is the BEST hotel! There are a lot of activities to do so those are fun and it’s also nice to just hang by the pool or beach and relax! I wanted to do an outfit diary on this trip and start doing more fashion content but my package of clothes didn’t arrive in time so I linked a few pieces above. Let me know if you want to see more outfit posts and things like that! Also make sure you are caught up on all my lifestyle videos and vlogs too! We are going to be in Kauai next week so I am really excited to make some cool content when we are out there! We are going with Parker’s sister and her husband and it’s our first trip with just the 4 of us so I am really really excited! More pics coming soon, hope you guys all have a great weekend!


marriage-6 marriage-7 marriage-11 marriage-9 marriage-8 marriage-5 marriage-13 marriage-12 marriage-14 marriage-16 marriage-15 marriage-17 marriage-4 marriage-10 marriage-3 marriage-2 marriage-20 marriage-18 marriage-19

Striped Button Down Shirt | Red Skirt | Chunky Sweater | Suede Purse | Black Boots | Black Hat | Sunglasses

A few weeks ago Parker and I spent a few days in NYC. We took some time off of traveling to focus on our online store and getting that up and going and we just spent a week in Bora Bora and are now in India for another week! You can check out our vlogs here to catch up on everything we have been doing. I have been working on an exciting project for the past few months so that is why we went to NYC, I am not allowed to announce anything yet but i’m really excited for everything to be revealed! While we were in NYC we went to Big Gay Ice Cream, the Brooklyn Bridge, the Top of the Rock, and did some shopping. I will link my outfits above! We have been so busy with a million things happening so I haven’t been posting on my blog a ton but now that we have been traveling I will have some fun pictures to post soon! Also today is our one year wedding anniversary! I can’t believe it’s been a year. It seems like we just got married but also it seems like so much has happened since then. We filmed a Marriage Q&A that I will link here so if you haven’t seen that, check it out! Hope you guys are having a great Sunday :)


turks-13 turks-14 turks

Hi guys! Long time no post!!! We have been so busy with opening our online clothing store (check it out here) and also traveling so I am just now finding time to sit and post about our trip even though we have been back for a week already. I wanted to do a post all about our trip to Turks and Caicos and give you guys info on everything we experienced (basically a mini travel guide)! I am working on a travel diary so once that is finished, I will link it to this post :) Hope everyone is having a great weekend!

turks-2 turks-5 turks-4 turks-7


For the first 3 nights of our trip, we stayed at this beautiful AirBnb. (You can click this link to get a $20 AirBnb credit!) It was really pretty and obviously plenty of space for the 4 of us that were staying there. I definitely would recommend this place to anyone looking to go to Providenciales. It was pretty pricey but honestly not that much more than the hotel we also stayed at, and to have a whole house to ourselves was really nice. We filmed a house tour of it so you can watch that here. We also stayed at the Blue Haven Resort for the second half of our trip. We had a 2 bedroom suite that also had a full kitchen and it was perfect for us! Overall I wasn’t extremely impressed with the Blue Haven Resort because the service wasn’t really that great and there also wasn’t a ton to do there. We drove 10 minutes down to Grace Bay beach (the house was walking distance to the hotel, so also a 10 minute drive to Grace Bay) everyday so I would recommend staying in a hotel closer to there if you can. 10 minutes obviously isn’t that long or far but it still would have been nice to be right on Grace Bay! The beach at this hotel also didn’t open up to the ocean, it had another piece of land right in front of it so it was more of a canal. Not that big of a deal but we liked being on Grace Bay beach better!


If any of you watch my vlogs you would know that I am a very picky eater and don’t really ever find any food that I like when I travel out of the country. But lucky for me, on this trip we decided to buy groceries for 90% of our meals and cook for ourselves since we had a full kitchen in both of the places we stayed. I always prefer to cook my own food so I was really happy about this! Since everything has to be imported to the islands, food is really expensive. We saved a ton of money by planning out our meals and not going out to eat that often. We did go to the Pork Shack and here is Parker’s review: “It was probably one of the best pulled pork sandwiches I have ever had.” … Haha so that’s that. Our friends that we traveled with also liked that place as well. We also ate at a little cafe next to the IGA Grocery store and I think they also said that place was pretty good too! I wandered in there when I saw on one of their signs that they had lentil soup (one of my favorite things to make/eat) so I tried that out and it was decent… Mine is better ?. Also the IGA Grocery store had a bigger selection and seemed to be cheaper than the Graceway Gourmet grocery store but it is farther down the road so we didn’t find it until a couple days in. We also ate at the Seven Star hotel restaurant one day and I had a really yummy salad with berries and nuts!! I think everyone except me tried the conch (what Turks and Caicos is famous for) and they said that was pretty tasty too. Overall I am really happy we chose to cook most of our own meals because 1) I got to eat food I like and 2) it saved us a bunch of money!

turks-3 turks-11 turks-12


We spent a lot of our time relaxing on Grace Bay Beach and swimming in the pool at our villa but we also went on a really fun snorkel tour with Island Vibes Tours. We went on a boat from 9 am to 1 pm and they took us to a great snorkel spot, fed us lunch, and showed us this beautiful lagoon and some of those giant iguanas. We went to the grocery store every single day as well. We planned out most of our meals but there was always something we were out of. Usually it was chips, but we still had salsa. So we would buy just chips, then the next day we would be out of salsa so we would go buy salsa. Then the next day we would have salsa but no chips. It was basically a never ending cycle of only having one or the other haha. Also we got a rental car which I 100% recommend, especially since we weren’t staying right on Grace Bay. I think the Graceway Gourmet grocery store is probably a 5-10 minute walk from Grace Bay so I guess if you are staying on Grace Bay you probably don’t need a car. Other than that we mostly just relaxed! Every night we cooked dinner, played cards, went swimming and watched Kardashians. It was nice to not have our itinerary crowded with activities and just have a slow paced vacay.

turks-6 turks-8 turks-10

Our cute friends got engaged on this trip. How fun!

turks-9 turks-17 turks-16 turks-15

I hope you guys enjoyed this mini travel guide! As I said our trip was pretty chill so I don’t have a ton of information or tips but I hope this was helpful someone. Turks and Caicos travel diary is coming soon! Also check the slideshow above for the links to my outfits :)


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Another Costa Rica post! We spent an afternoon at the Style Haul pool party in this amazing private villa at the Four Seasons. It was so beautiful and we swam in the rain (again I am pretty sure that is dangerous but #yolo) and it was such a great time! I always love going to events like this and getting to meet new people. I’m pretty shy so when I am at home I don’t really put myself in situations to meet new friends so going to stuff like this is really good for me. We are home for a couple days now which has been sooo nice! I am flying to LA on Wednesday for a meeting and I am actually having my mom come with me! Parker and I travel together so much and this is only a 2 day trip so we thought it would be fun to actually have some time apart so we can miss each other since we spend literally 24/7 together haha. I love love love working with him and being with him all day but i’m also excited for some quality time with my mama!! We are all working on a new project together so i’m really excited to get that going! I love YouTube and everything I do but I think it will be really fun to have something new to look forward to too. Hope you guys all have a great week!