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This was my first time walking around Notting Hill! The colorful streets are amazing! Also the Farmacy restaurant that I talked about in my last post was near this area. Definitely a fun way to spend an afternoon!

Milk Train is not in Notting Hill but I wanted to share these pics! We waited for about 30 minutes to get this ice cream and it was sooooo good! My mom and I shared the caramel popcorn flavor and my sister got the oreo one! I had to fight them both to convince them to get the cotton candy floss around the cone since none of us actually like cotton candy but it was for the photo ;)

We also stopped at Big Ben after! A perfect way to end our trip to London. I hope you guys enjoyed this little post! Barcelona pictures are coming soon!



Hi guys! This past week I went to London with Pixi Beauty for an event that they had. I brought my mom and my sister with me on a little GIRLS TRIP! It was so much fun! I have been to London a few times and my mom has been once but Avrey hadn’t been before so I was excited for her to get to see everything. Normally I am such a planner when it comes to trips (and everything else in life) but this time I didn’t really make an itinerary at all and we were only spending two days in London so we had one or two things we wanted to see and the rest of the time we were either with the Pixi crew or just walking around! I just ordered this dress from ASOS and I am obsessed with it but it sold out so I will link similar dresses here, here and here! My purse also sold out because it went on sale (of course I bought it like the week before it goes on sale!!) but they have a really similar one that I will link here, I think it’s just a little bit bigger and has a pocket on the front which I love!


We tried out Roots Juicery for breakfast our first day! These acai bowls may look pretty but they did not taste pretty!!! They were really watery and almost warm… not very yummy!

We went to Carnaby Street which is one of my fav places to visit in London and we found this cute cupcake shop called Crumbs & Doilies! The cupcakes were SO good and I loved that they had little bite size ones! I got a bite size Rolo cupcake and it was the perfect size and was AMAZING!

Okay I just realized this entire post is all about food hahaha but another yummy place we went was called Farmacy! I don’t remember if it was full vegan or just vegetarian with vegan options but we got the veggie burger, a flatbread thing and a bowl with black beans and rice (or quinoa or something…). We also had the hummus and it was SO good too! This place seriously was amazing and I need to go back!

We also visited Buckingham palace! Lots more pictures to come :) We headed to Barcelona after London and it was so incredible so i’m excited to tell you guys all about it!



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Link to my swimsuit here!

Here is the link to my romper, sunglasses, and choker!

Love him!!!

We spent a few days on Necker Island last week with our Benefit fam and we had SO much fun! The trip was really relaxing and we just got to hang and enjoy being with friends. This is our last big trip for a couple months! We have a couple little mini trips coming up and some new projects we are going to start working on so i’m excited to have some more time at home to be able to focus on those. Benefit released their new Galifornia box powder and their Cheek Parade palette so make sure to check those out! Necker Island was so beautiful and fun. We got to feed lemurs which was so crazy!! We always love a trip with our Benefit friends!! I will link our vlog from the trip below. Have a good weekend everyone!


This guy told me I should take a picture of him so I did, haha!

Dressed warm cause it’s still cold in Mykonos!

Link to my sweater, it’s on sale!

Isn’t Mykonos GORGEOUS! It was my first time visiting this island and I loved it. We (my friend Lauren and I) stayed at the Semeli Hotel and the location was great. Everything was so close and it was really easy to walk to any place we wanted to visit. Unfortunately most places we wanted to visit were closed because the tourist season hasn’t come around yet, but we still had so much fun! We loved walking around the streets and seeing how beautiful everything is. I had heard that Mykonos was better than Santorini but I actually still like Santorini best. They really aren’t comparable and I LOVED Mykonos so much but if anyone is trying to decide which to visit first, I vote Santorini (Oia specifically)! Next time I go to Greece I really want to visit Zakynthos. If you guys have been, tell me!! It looks amazing. All of Greece is amazing! I think Greece is one of my favorite countries to visit. Everyone was so nice and kind. It’s funny how many locals stopped to ask us why we were visiting when we were since there were hardly any other tourists there. Our spring break vlog of this trip is up, so I will link that below!



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I LOVE SANTORINI! My friend Lauren and I took a trip to Greece for her spring break this week. Parker and his friends are in Germany for a few days and then we are all meeting in Paris at the end of the week. I came to Santorini last year with my mom and Parker (we got engaged here!) and I am SO happy I got the chance to come back! We actually stayed in the same HomeAway rental as last year too (www.santoriniparadise.com). The owner of the house, Maria, knows that we do YouTube and take pictures so last year we took some pictures for her and we did the same this year! She is the cutest Greek lady and we were laughing the whole time we were taking pictures cause we just love her! Lauren HATES having her picture taken but Maria wanted her to be in the photos too so we were cracking up, especially during the guitar pic because it was just so funny and not us (I don’t know how to play a guitar and Lauren would never attend a private guitar concert of mine because of that reason). My favvvvvvorite thing in Santorini are the waffles from Vitrin Cafe! I always get strawberries and caramel sauce on mine. We ate them 3 times in 2 days!!!! We are in Mykonos now and it’s equally as beautiful as Santorini. I haven’t been here before so i’m excited to explore more! I am so grateful Lauren and I got to come to Greece and we have had so much fun. Girls trips are so important!!!



Link to my swimsuit TOP and BOTTOMS!

It really is more fun in the Philippines! We spent 10 days here last week with Mango Tours and we had the best time ever. We flew from San Francisco directly to Manila on Philippine Airlines. We visited Manila, Palawan, Bohol, Cebu and Boracay! Mango Tours put together this trip for us and some other influencers and they planned out all our activities and transportation to make it super easy for us to just enjoy and create cool content! I am currently working on a editing a travel diary that we filmed here! We also vlogged the trip so make sure you are subscribed to our Aspyn + Parker channel if you haven’t seen those! We had so much fun and made a great group of new friends. I always love these trips cause they help us connect with other influencers! I have some more pictures so another post will be coming soon. :)

I hope you guys are all having a great weekend!



Obsessing over this boho dress from my store! Sooooo cute!

Link to a similar swimsuit!

Link to my off the shoulder dress, and my shoes!

Hey guys! Wow life is crazy sometimes, I haven’t been able to do any blog posts recently since we have been traveling on back to back trips. We LOVE to travel so much but we are planning on slowing down a liiiiiiiiittle bit these next few months so we can get back on track with YouTube (we didn’t post a vlog for almost a week cause wifi in the Philippines was so bad) and be able to put in the effort we want to put in! We have 2 back to back trips in March and then 1 trip in April and 1 in May so we really are only slowing down a tiny bit haha but we are excited to be able to post a little more!

These photos are from our recent trip to Florida! The Ritz Carlton hosted our stay at their Sarasota and Naples properties and we had a great time! My friends Keren and Khoa just had a baby and they live in Orlando so we took a mini road trip there to see little Landon! He was so so sweet! We also shot a lookbook while we were there so you guys can check that out here. We just got back from the Philippines so I will have some posts from there up soon too :)

Have a great weekend everyone!



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How amazing is this beach villa!! We stayed at the Sun Siyam Resort for the second half of our stay in the Maldives. It was so so so pretty and we loved it so much. This island was so different than the last one we stayed on, the water was a lot more blue and I thought it was a lot prettier. We stayed in a villa instead of an overwater bungalow this time and it was fun to have a change! When we were getting a tour of our room we were freaking out at how cool it is. The bathroom is outside and it has a giant hot tub, an outdoor shower and a swing! We also had a private pool and cabana! We relaxed a lot at this hotel and just enjoyed our last few days here. It was great!


I wanted to share some pictures we took at one of the Garden Villas at the St. Regis! This dress I am wearing is one of my current favorites and I wore it like 5 times on this trip! I actually need to get the straps shortened since they are a little too big for me but other than that this dress is so perfect! I love it paired with my Adidas shoes but I think it will be even cuter paired with these all white ones! I bought these but left them up at my mom’s house and I am dying to bring them home! I need them! Especially since my regular ones are covered in dirt from hiking in Kauai… I keep telling myself I need to clean them and then I forget. I actually keep telling Parker since he is Mr. Clean haha but he just rolls his eyes at me. ? I also bought this hat at the resort but this one is similar and even cuter!  I hope you guys all have a great weekend!