I was so excited for this to be my last Maldives blog post (even though you can never have too much Maldives) but then I was looking through my pics and I actually have one more post coming haha!! These pics are from the day we switched from a beach villa to a water villa! Our resort was nice enough to let us experience both types of rooms! I think I preferred the beach villa since we had a big pool! The bungalow also had it’s own pool but it was smaller. This was such a fun vacation for us because we got to relax and have some slow days. We are lucky to be able to travel a lot but majority of the time we are working/shooting/editing/creating/etc so we don’t relax on our trips very often. This was a special trip because we were celebrating Parker’s 22nd birthday and got to just spend quality time together! He is actually in China now and I am in the Hamptons with Maybelline this week so I am missing him as I write this! He is actuallllyyyy not in China, yet he is on a flight to China. He left around 2:30 pm and it’s 12:43 am as I write this and he still is in the air! I have only texted him 3 times telling him how much I miss him ;)

I hope you guys enjoyed these pictures!


Showing off his abs hahaha

Hi guys! I wanted to share these pics we took one night when we were in the Maldives. There is nothing I love more than watching the sunset on the beach. We were staying in a beach villa so this was just in our “backyard”! The Maldives is such an amazing place and we are so lucky that we have been able to go there twice!

I’m sad the dress i’m wearing in these pics is sold out but i’ll link some similar ones here and here! I love dresses like this because they are so easy to throw on over a swimsuit. Also my hat is sold out so i’ll link a similar one here (also linking this one because it’s sooooo cute and only $16!!!!). My pink swimsuit is still in stock and is on sale woo! Link to the top here and the bottoms here :) It also comes in grey black and olive!

I just got back from Peru a few hours ago and this week i’m going to try and get caught up on blog posts!! I still have a few from like a month ago that are waiting to go up! I’m heading to the Hamptons in a few days and Parker is heading to China so we are going to attempt to get some work done before we go but also relax somehow!!! Don’t forget that the Nordstrom Anniversary sale is going on and my last post has my favs under $50! The sale opens to the public tonight (early access was happening before) so definitely check it out because they have the cuuuuutest stuff this year! I just got my order in the mail and i’m so excited to open it!

Love you all!


The amazing entrance of the Ritz Carlton! So gorgeous!

Street view of Little India!

Amazing view from the lounge in the Ritz!

Here are a few pictures we took the day we went to Little India while we were in Singapore! To be honest we were really disappointed (I don’t know what I expected) and I wouldn’t really recommend going! There were so many places we wanted to visit that we didn’t have time to see so I would have much rather have seen those instead! We did get to stay at the Ritz Carlton on our last night there though and it did not disappoint! The staff was SO kind and generous and the hotel itself is incredibly beautiful! 100% recommend staying there is you’re in Singapore. The location was great too, it was walking distance to the Art Science Museum and a mall.

I’ve been so crazy busy lately but trying to post really consistently on here so I hope you guys are loving all my posts! I’m currently up at my mom’s house (4 hours away from me) for a girls weekend to celebrate my cousins birthday and i’ve been working on a video for the past 3 hours and now i’m just finishing up this blog post quickly so I can go hang out with my fam! Also the dress I’m wearing in these pics is from Luca & Grae, it’s sold out but I linked some similar ones above!



STRIPED WRAP DRESS (on sale!!!) | STRAW BAG | WHITE SHOES (also on sale!) 

Guys… I am SO behind on blog posts! I have been doing a ton of posts recently but still am not caught up from my trips that were over a month ago! I still have another Singapore blog post, more Maldives blog posts… hopefully you guys are loving them! I wanted to share a few of the things we did while we were in Singapore. We only had 2 days of free time to explore so we weren’t able to do everything on our list but here were some of our favorite things!




  • Sunday Folks for ice cream waffles! We were with TaraMilkTea and her boyf during one of our free days and they took us here. SO DELICIOUS! Seriously I think about these waffles everyday.


  • Art Science Museum! Tara also took us here. I think she actually took us to all the places on this list haha!!! This museum was so cool! We took the most amazing pictures in the room with all the light strands everywhere. We were seriously in there for over an hour trying to get pictures with no people in them! I haven’t ever been to any exhibits like the ones we walked through but they were really unique and fun. Definitely recommend!


  • China Town! We made a quick stop here to take some photos. There wasn’t a ton to do from what I could tell but Singapore is so small so if you are near China Town stop by to see it!


A few things on our list that we didn’t get to see were the Gardens by the Bay, the Orchid Gardens, and BrotherBird Mochi & Softserve Co!  We also ate at Ippudo which is a ramen restaurant and I FELL. IN. LOVE. WITH THE RAMEN. They had a vegan version and I ate it 3 times while in Singapore and I have plans today to make homemade Ramen! I think Ippudo is a chain “fast food” restaurant but I thought it was amazing hahaha. I hadn’t ever had ramen (besides TopRamen…) so it was something new for me! I will have to let you guys know how my homemade ramen turns out… it takes over 2 hours to make so I am kind of not looking forward to it ha! I am going to attempt to follow this recipe. Wish me luck!



Brunch at Jack’s Wife Frieda! To be honest the waffles are not as good as they look…

Walking along the High Line! One of my fav free things to do in the city!

Lunch at By Chloe! One of the yummiest vegan restaurants! The “bacon” on top of this mac n cheese tasted SO REAL!!

Link to my jacket is here!

Two girls in New York! WOOOO!! I was in NYC for a meetup and brought my friend Lauren with me. We went to Greece in March and kept calling ourselves Two Girls in Greece so now anywhere else we go we are Two Girls in ______. We mostly were Two Girls in New York Who Eat Five Times a Day because literally all we did in our spare time was eat!! But New York has great food so it’s fine :)

I got this new polka dot dress from Urban Outfitters and I am OBSESSED WITH IT! I think I say I am obsessed with a lot of things… but I really do love this dress! It was perfect to just throw on with my denim jacket and my white Adidas shoes. My denim jacket is from Luca + Grae, it’s sold out in a small but I actually kind of wish I had gotten a large because I love the look of an oversized denim jacket too! I actually haven’t really owned a lot of denim jackets because I thought they were uncomfortable and didn’t actually keep you warm but I love mine now and i’ve worn it on a few trips!! They are just so cute! I will share some of my other favorite ones below :)


I wish I had moved these trash cans so bad! They ruin a great picture ha!


Finally sharing some photos from Singapore! We went to Singapore with the St. Regis to attend the Sentebale Polo Match and it was amazing! I had been saying I wanted to go to Singapore so i’m so grateful we got the opportunity to go and support a great cause. We only had 2 days to explore so we were only able to do a few things and one of those things was visiting Joo Chiat Road! I had seen these houses on Pinterest and needed to see them in real life. They were so unique and pretty! Definitely something you need to see if you’re in Singapore! Also the dress that i’m wearing is from Luca + Grae, it’s sold out but I linked some pretty floral dresses above!



Today I am sharing the last of my pics from Barcelona! I still can’t believe how much I loved this city! We visited Park Guell on one of the days we were there, it’s something you definitely have to see! I read online that some people thought it wasn’t worth it to go inside and that you can just see it from the outside if you’re trying to save money/in a rush but I definitely recommend actually going in! We bought tickets online before so that we didn’t have to wait in a big line so I recommend doing that too! After Park Guell we went to Brunch & Cake and had the most amaaaaaazing lunch! The acai bowls were in a pineapple!!!!! I also got a passionfruit smoothie drink that was delish and my mom got a really yummy salad. Also the romper I’m wearing is from Luca + Grae but it’s sold out so I will link some other cute striped pieces below!


I love this pic of me and my momma!

The prettiest beach!

This market had the BEST strawberry lemonade drink! I also grabbed some watermelon to snack on. It was so easy to eat healthy here!

Here is the link to my dress and a few other similar pieces!

Another post from Spain! We took a train to Sitges on our last day, I think it was like $21 round trip for 3 of us and it took us like an hour to get there. The town is pretty small so we just ate lunch and walked around for a few hours. I tried to look up some things to do there but I couldn’t really find much so we just explored and took some pictures! One of my favorite things about my mom is that she always reminds me to be in the moment and she just loves every single detail of every single thing so the whole time we were saying, “LOOK AT THAT PLANT! LOOK AT THAT BUILDING! LOOK AT THAT DOG!” every 5 minutes! Spain had the cutest dogs by the way?! They were all tiny and so cute!!!!!! My mom said the first day that she wanted to see a little beach town so i’m glad we made the trip to Sitges! I definitely recommend it to anyone who is visiting Barcelona/Spain.

Here is a link to my dress! It’s under $100 and I LOVE IT! And this bralette goes perfect underneath!

We stayed at the Hotel Arts in Barcelona and they were so good to us and hosted us in this three bedroom apartment suite! I snapped a couple pics to show you guys! This hotel was right by a bunch of cute outdoor food areas and next to the beach. Every night we would go out to get a treat and then head down to the water to end the day! So many good memories!


La Boqueria was amazing! So many yummy and healthy food options.

We ate brunch at Flax & Kale and it was also yummy! I swear all we did in Barcelona was eat. Normally I have a hard time finding good plant based options when I travel but Barcelona had sooooo many amazing vegan options!


My first time in Barcelona was so so so fun. My mom, sister and I were in London for an event and since I had been there before I wanted to visit somewhere else too so we picked Barcelona and i’m so happy we did! I was so excited to wear this dress from Luca + Grae but it sold out so I can’t link it for you guys :( I will link some other cute striped dresses that I love down below! We also just launched 50 new pieces on Luca + Grae last week so check there too for more cute pieces!