WE MADE IT TO LONDON! I decided to do a quick post with some photos we took today while we went sightseeing! We saw so many amazing buildings and went to so many amazing places and we vlogged them all! Our London Day 1 vlog is up already, you can click here if you would like to watch it! We have another full day here and then we head to Greece for another few days! I hope you guys are all having a great week! I will have another blog post soon :) Thanks for reading guys!💜





















I want to be at the beach everyday! We spent the week in Newport at a beach house with my family. It was so fun and relaxing and I wish we could stay there all summer! We took a TON of pictures so there will be another post with more pictures from this trip :) Make sure you are following me on Instagram so you can see all the pictures I post! I don’t even know what else to write because I can’t think about anything except how I wish I was still relaxing on the beach. Leave a comment and let me know your favorite vacation destination!


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BEST. TRIP. EVER! I was lucky enough to be invited to the Benefit Cosmetics #KillerColors Bahamas trip and it was AMAZING! I brought Parker with me as usual and we had so much fun. We stayed at the Cove Atlantis on Paradise Island and I haven’t stopped thinking about the Bahamas ever since we got back! It was so beautiful and colorful. It rained for part of the time we were there which wasn’t fun but we still had such a great time. We swam with SHARKS! It was so scary I thought they were going to attack me but I survived! It was so fun to have a relaxing weekend in paradise and I am so grateful that we got to go on this trip. Make sure to check out the new Killer Colors collection coming out June 26th and also check out the vlogs we filmed there! Click here for Day 1, here for Day 2, and here for Day 3!! I LOVE YOU GUYS!