2016 is over! This year has been amazing in so many ways. We traveled the world and have no plans to slow down on that! We already have 5 trips planned for 2017! I wanted to share my top 10 memories from 2016 and also 10 of my New Years resolutions! This has been such a special year and I am so excited to see what 2017 brings. I did a similar post to this last year so I will link that here if you want to read that too! I just went back and read it and it’s SO WEIRD how it seems like that was so so so long ago!


  1. Visiting San Francisco! We went for the first time in January and I loved it so much. It was so fun to have 3 days to explore the city and get to make our own itinerary for the trip!
  2. Visiting Iceland!! I am going to try not to just put “visiting _____” for every memory haha… but it’s hard not to with all the amazing places we have visited! One of my favorite memories from Iceland was when I left our swimsuits on the bus and thought that I could run/walk the 1.5 miles to the bus station… I seriously made it probably 2 blocks before I couldn’t run anymore!!! Haha! I have never been a runner but wow that was just a bad idea. I called an Uber and we got a ride to the bus station so that’s how that ended.
  3. Riding bikes in Copenhagen! I was barely too short to comfortably ride the bike and the back of my coat kept getting caught on the seat when I tried to get off so I fell over like 6 times. We were so exhausted in Copenhagen from the jetlag and we had just been in Iceland, London, and Paris so we spent our time here just riding around the city and exploring!
  4. Getting to try every single food that By Chloe has ever sold. I love trying out different vegan foods and I had heard of By Chloe and wanted to eat there SO bad and when Tarte invited us to NYC for a concert, they also had us come visit their offices and they had a giant table of By Chloe food! I was in heaven!!!
  5. My family trip to Newport! I went on a million trips this year but my favorite trip is always going to Newport Beach with my family and spending a week at a beach house. It’s so relaxing and special to me!
  6. Surprising my mom with a trip to the Bahamas! My mom moved up to northern Utah in August so in July I brought her with me to Tampa for a meetup I had with Benefit Cosmetics and then I told her that we were heading to Miami after to tour the new Benefit Offices but we actually were headed to the Bahamas! I am so so so happy I got to take my mom on this special trip and spend quality time with her. I was crying happy tears before I even said what the surprise was! I vlogged it so I will link that here, also my mom got my camera when I wasn’t around and recorded a little message for me (also in the vlog) and it is something I cherish so much!
  7. Going back to Bora Bora! We visited Bora Bora for our honeymoon and it was one of my favorite places. I am so grateful we got to go back with Tarte Cosmetics! This was our first trip with Tarte and we had so much fun with everyone. If you ever get a chance to stay at the Four Seasons in Bora Bora, you HAVE to do the jet ski tour! It’s probably my favorite thing I have done in my entire life and I have had the chance to do it twice now. It’s one of the most special things in the world.
  8. Celebrating my ONE YEAR WEDDING ANNIVERSARY in India! Parker and I flew from Bora Bora to India and had a free day before our trip “officially started” and that day happened to be our anniversary. We actually were so exhausted and jet lagged that we just spent the whole day laying in bed so we are planning to actually take a day to celebrate at home once we get back from our next trips but I still can’t believe it’s been a whole year.
  9. Spending our last Easter in my childhood home. The time I am the happiest is when I am with my family. Since my mom and siblings moved up north, Easter was the last holiday we spent in that house. I lived there for 10 years and have so many great memories there. It was sad to have my family move out but change is what helps us grow!
  10. Meeting new friends! One of my favorite parts of traveling is getting to meet people from around the world. I remember sitting at dinner in India and thinking how crazy it was that every single person I was sitting with was from a different country. I am not a very social person and i’m very shy but this year I have grown to appreciate meeting new people so much. I love listening to people’s stories about where they are from and how they grew up. It’s one of the things that makes traveling the most special to me.
  11. Bonus memory cause I just realized I didn’t even mention opening my online clothing store! We launched in August and then relaunched with a new name in November and I just barely redesigned the site and published that today! Luca + Grae is still a work in progress and I have learned SO much already in the 4 short months since we launched but I am excited to see what 2017 brings!


  1. Start going to the gym again!!!!! How cliche I know. I used to go 4-5 times a week but with traveling so much I got lazy and haven’t been in months. I love working out so I just need to get in the habit of doing it again.
  2. Write in my journal! This was probably one of my resolutions last year, and the year before… and the year before… but I NEED TO ACTUALLY DO IT THIS YEAR! I love going back and reading my old journal entries and every time I read them I ALWAYS wish I had written more frequently.
  3. Take more photos! I actually surprisingly don’t take a lot of photos at all. Especially on holidays and things like that more often than not I realize I didn’t take a single picture, and I don’t mean an “instagram worthy” one but just any pictures at all!
  4. I also want to be more organized. I don’t know why I thought that when I moved into my own house that I would immediately change my messy ways and become a neat freak but it did not happen. I usually blame my messiness on traveling so much and being out of town 80% of my life which I DO think is a valid excuse haha but I really need to get it together! Parker is really clean so I know I drive him crazy. I finally ordered some furniture for our bedroom so I will actually have places to store things now so hopefully that will help… maybe…
  5. Blog more! I love blogging so much and really really reeeeeeally want to be posting at least once a week if not 2 or 3 times on my blog. I love YouTube and plan to continue doing that but I’ve done it for 6 years now and am ready to put a little more focus on blogging!
  6. Live in the moment more. I try so so so hard to live in the moment and not dwell on the past or rush into the future. I can name so many times in my life that I just wanted to skip and be onto the next thing but now looking back I wish I had just enjoyed where I was at in life and not tried to rush into the next phase.
  7. This is actually not a resolution because I feel like I have already fulfilled this goal but it’s to eat healthy! This is always one of my resolutions but this year I have focused so much on trying to transition into eating as many plant based foods as possible. I get a lot of people asking if I am vegan and i’m not but I do eat vegan/plant based as often as I can because my body just feels so good when I do! I’m sure I could eat even healthier but overall i’m pretty happy with the way I have been eating this year and that feels good to say!
  8. Work less! I am a workaholic. I love to work and I love to be busy. Working from home is something I am so grateful I get to do but it can be really hard to set boundaries for yourself and separate work life from home life. I really want to have set work hours and more of a schedule but with traveling so much that will be a hard goal but I am very determined to establish that separation a little (a lot) more.
  9. Be more happy with my work. Sometimes I feel like I work SO hard and am still not happy with the content I am producing (not a good feeling). I hate limiting myself to one thing/style/whatever else so a lot of the time I feel like my platforms just look messy and inconsistent. I want to really focus on making sure that I am happy with my work since I put so much time and effort into everything.
  10. Stress less! I stress out about everything. 24 hours a day. 7 days a week. I want to make sure I am taking time to enjoy life and enjoy the little moments.


  1. Cabo with Pur Cosmetics in January 2016.
  2. San Francisco with friends in January 2016
  3. Hawaii with Benefit Cosmetics in February 2016
  4. London with Pixi Cosmetics in March 2016
  5. Paris on our own in March 2016
  6. Iceland on our own in April 2016
  7. Denmark on our own in April 2016
  8. Palm Springs for Coachella in April 2016
  9. London with Royal Caribbean in May 2016
  10. Costa Rica with Style Haul in June 2016
  11. NYC with Tarte Cosmetics in June 2016
  12. Newport Beach with my family July 2016
  13. Bahamas with my mom July 2016
  14. Turks and Caicos with friends in August 2016
  15. Bora Bora with Tarte in October 2016
  16. India with Beautiful Destinations in October 2016
  17. Kauai with family in November 2016

WOW 17 trips! Not including random work trips to LA, Playlist, Vidcon, & visiting my family in Salt Lake. WOW haha!! What an amazing year. I’m already planning trips to the Maldives, Oahu, Florida, the Philippines, London, and Greece all before April! Crazy!

That’s all for today’s post! I changed up a few things on the blog so let me know what you think! I try to imagine that I am a reader and see if I think that the site is functional and easy to use/navigate but I want to know what you guys think! If there is anything else you think I should add to make my blog better, comment below! Also if you have any requests for posts you want to see, leave that in a comment too! I’m used to making YouTube videos where each week it has to be this big thing so I forget that with blogging it’s okay to simplify and not have it be a huge project for the week. I’m really excited for 2017 and to see where life takes me this year! I hope you guys have/had a fun and safe New Year!


 Today I wanted to share some pictures from our recent house makeover! Mandi from Vintage Revivals reached out a few months back and wanted to collaborate and since our house was barely furnished I was ALL OVER this idea! I remember before we moved in I couldn’t wait to move into my own house and I had all these ideas for decorating. Then I realized that it’s freakin HARD!!! I am so indecisive and can never stick so one idea so I’m glad that Mandi took over and made our place look amazing! We traveled so much in this past year and decorating was just not my top priority so fast forward over a year after moving in, the living room, dining room and entry way are all complete! I am still working on our bedroom… I have swapped out our duvet cover and pillows a million times but I actually ordered some furniture to go in there so we will finally have a place to store some things instead of just putting everything in a pile in the corner of the room ?. I made a video of our house makeover so I will link that here and put it down below. Make sure to watch it and check out Mandi’s blog post here to see more pictures of the reveal, and she also will have some posts up of the DIY projects she did in our house!


urban-outfitters-gift-ideas-for-everyone-2016 urban-outfitters-gift-ideas-for-everyone-2016-3 urban-outfitters-gift-ideas-for-everyone-2016-2 urban-outfitters-gift-ideas-for-everyone-2016-5 urban-outfitters-gift-ideas-for-everyone-2016-4

Happy December! I wanted to share a quick post today with some gift ideas for you guys! It can be soooo hard to shop for people sometimes so I put together a collection of some of my favorite gift items from Urban Outfitters! I have things in all different price ranges that everyone can enjoy. I haven’t even started Christmas shopping yet so I need to get on that!! Urban Outfitters always has a lot of awesome pieces so i’ll be heading back over there now to purchase some goodies to gift! Hope you guys enjoy this and find it useful! Let me know if you want to see any other holiday posts!

*Thank you Urban Outfitters for sponsoring this post!



Today I wanted to do a little post on my favorite places that we ate while we were in Kauai. I’m not a very adventurous eater and I like to eat plant based or vegan if I have the option to so i’m not sure how helpful this will be to someone who eats everything and is looking for some good food… but if you are like me and you like a good acai bowl, this blog post is the blog post for you!

best-food-in-kauai-5 best-food-in-kauai-4 best-food-in-kauai-6 best-food-in-kauai-9best-food-in-kauai-18 best-food-in-kauai-7

Freshly squeezed orange juice and a vegan snickerdoodle! SO good!

best-food-in-kauai-81. Java Kai

This place was my FAVORITE! The vegan snickerdoodle was amazing and the actual building was so cute and colorful. We ate here twice cause I loved it so much! Acai bowls are one of my favorite foods so I got one of those basically everywhere we went. This one wasn’t the best tasting but overall I loved this place the most! Parker also got a breakfast burrito and he really liked it!

best-food-in-kauai-19 best-food-in-kauai

2. Aloha Aina Juice Bar

THIS place was officially the winner for best acai bowls. I got the Kauai Acai parfait both times we went and it was so yummy! It had ice cream on top!!!! It doesn’t get better than that! They had a TON of options for acai bowls and smoothies. Parker got the Chunky Monkey bowl and loved that too!

best-food-in-kauai-3 best-food-in-kauai-2

3. JoJo’s Shave Ice

We had all heard good things about Jojo’s so we decided to give it a try. I had just eaten (an acai bowl of course) so I didn’t get my own but I did try some of Parker’s and it was delish! I think they put ice cream in the bottom of these too. Definitely try this place if you are in Kauai!


4. Kalalea Juice Hale

The lady at this place was the nicest lady I have ever met!! The acai bowl was also pretty good and they had a lot of other options too. This place also is the cutest color and totally Instagram worthy.

best-food-in-kauai-11 best-food-in-kauai-12 best-food-in-kauai-13 best-food-in-kauai-15 best-food-in-kauai-14

5. Aloha Juice Bar

As you can tell from this post I mostly lived off of acai bowls while we were in Kauai… They are just SO GOOD! This place is on the northern side of the island so we went here when we drove up there for the day.

A few other places we liked were Bubba’s Burgers, Caffe Coco, and Skinny Mike’s. I didn’t eat a burger from Bubba’s but Parker loved it. Our friend Sam recommended we try Caffe Coco and we all decided to share a few things. We got the garlic bread, quesadilla, and the tofu potstickers! I keep craving this place because it was sooo good. We went to Skinny Mike’s one night cause I saw on Yelp that they have vegan ice cream, I got the chocolate one and really liked it!

That’s all for my favorite places to eat in Kauai! I have more pictures so another post will be up soon but since I had so many yummy food places I wanted to share I decided to just make a separate post. We also vlogged our trip so I will link those vlogs here! Hope you guys all had a good Thanksgiving if you celebrate! Also let me know what you think of the little makeover I did on the blog! I showed it to my mom and we were laughing because she used the same template for hers so we both thought we must have pretty good taste ;)



Hey guys! Today I am sharing some pictures of our new room decor. I always like to switch up my decor around the holidays and usually I get a little more festive but this year I wanted to just keep things a little more neutral and simple. I added some new pieces from Urban Outfitters and ordered a new platform bed and this is how it all looks! I am still not completely finished and if you watch my vlog channel you’ll get to see what the other half of the room looks like (hint: it’s very messy) so I am still going to be changing and rearranging a few things but for now I am loving how everything looks!


I looooooove this new duvet cover from Urban Outfitters! It’s reversible and comes in 2 other colors. I love the simple color but I also really love the mauve on the other side so this one is perfect for me. I ordered some new pillow cases that are the same color so some of these pillows will change but for now I have these rose jersey ones on our back pillows and then some colorful ones in front of those. I think the colorful ones I have are sold out but I will link some similar ones here. Also I got this new speckled pillow and added that to the front. I think this pillow is on sale so definitely get it now if you want it! Also I added these Be Still My Soul posters to our wall since I got rid of our headboard. I loooove these posters they are so cute, I have them in some black frames from Ikea. I want to get a dresser or something to replace the mirror in the corner since it look’s a little weird next to the posters now. Also I have had that copper lamp for a while now but I will link that here too!


New throw blanket! I have so many of these I am obsessed and this one also comes in a bunch of colors. I layered it over this faux fur one I have had my eye on for SO LONG. Seriously the cutest blanket in the world!


Another thing I added to our room was this pouf from Amazon. It was only $60!! It’s at the end of our bed next to this tray with my new candle and journal from UO. The candle smells really yummy and I love the color of this journal! It also comes in 2 other colors and I think things that come in other colors are pretty great so I feel like mentioning that for every item it applies to haha.

urban-outfitters-fall-winter-room-decor-makeover-ideas-32 urban-outfitters-fall-winter-room-decor-makeover-ideas-31 urban-outfitters-fall-winter-room-decor-makeover-ideas-35


I also got a cute new plant! I put it in this new planter and I also added this cute christmas tree to my mini nightstand! I love this cube I will try to link a similar one here, and I will link the polaroid frames as well!

urban-outfitters-fall-winter-room-decor-makeover-ideas-24 urban-outfitters-fall-winter-room-decor-makeover-ideas-23 urban-outfitters-fall-winter-room-decor-makeover-ideas-20 urban-outfitters-fall-winter-room-decor-makeover-ideas-33 urban-outfitters-fall-winter-room-decor-makeover-ideas-26

I added some of these string lights with clips to my mirror and hung some photos on them. I am planning on moving this mirror to the other side of the room but I love string lights and had them on my headboard before so these ones with the clips are perfect to hang pics on my mirror. I have a bunch of pics from Pinterest hung up now but I want to print some of my own to hang! I mentioned this photo printer a while back and it’s perfect for printing pictures from my phone.

urban-outfitters-fall-winter-room-decor-makeover-ideas-21 urban-outfitters-fall-winter-room-decor-makeover-ideas-22

Halfway through shooting this blog post our new bed showed up so these 2 pics are from before we switched that out! I like our headboard but wanted something more simple so I picked out a platform bed. The one we have is sold out but this one is the same but a little shorter. I got this  woven wall hanging from Urban and I think it is so so cute! I took it off this wall when we put in the new bed but I am going to hang it in another spot in our room but how cute is it!

urban-outfitters-fall-winter-room-decor-makeover-ideas-37 urban-outfitters-fall-winter-room-decor-makeover-ideas-38

I added this rug to our bathroom also! It’s my fav color!

urban-outfitters-fall-winter-room-decor-makeover-ideas-27 urban-outfitters-fall-winter-room-decor-makeover-ideas-29

Overall I am so happy with how everything is turning out! I still have a lot of things to add and change but so far so good! I will have official links to everything I showed and also a few other pieces I love right here –

We vlogged the day we set all this new stuff up so that video will be below. Hope you guys are all having a great day!

*Thank’s to Urban Outfitters for sponsoring this post!


urban outfitters room decor summer diy ideas inspiration aspyn ovard tumblr pinterest_-17 urban outfitters room decor summer diy ideas inspiration aspyn ovard tumblr pinterest_-11

Hi guys! Today I am sharing some pics from my mini summer room makeover. One of my favorite ways to change things up a little in my life is to switch out some of my home decor. Majority of things in my room are from Urban Outfitters so I picked a few new pieces to brighten up my room for summer! Also my room is really girly and people always ask how Parker is okay living in such a girly room but I feel like it’s so common for the wife to just take over with the decorating and the husband to be okay with it ha! He has his office and the garage which he has made his own so he doesn’t mind that I have taken over the rest of the house ;) Also as you can see the blog got another little makeover! I love it except for some reason my posts aren’t showing up on their pages like the Fashion page is empty even though I have a bunch of posts tagged in the fashion category! If anyone knows how to fix that let me know!

urban outfitters room decor summer diy ideas inspiration aspyn ovard tumblr pinterest_ urban outfitters room decor summer diy ideas inspiration aspyn ovard tumblr pinterest_-19 urban outfitters room decor summer diy ideas inspiration aspyn ovard tumblr pinterest_-21

Rose Duvet Cover | Rose Pillow Cases | Headboard | String Lights 

First things first, I GOT A NEW DUVET COVER! I have been eyeing this one for while now but couldn’t ever decide what color to get since they have multiple options. The duvet cover I had on before this one was a cream color and I like to stick with neutrals for major pieces like this but I decided to get the rose color and I LOVE IT! It’s still not any crazy color but it is different! And it’s so soft which is important for me since comfort is at the top of my priority list so I am so glad I got this duvet cover and the matching pillow cases.

urban outfitters room decor summer diy ideas inspiration aspyn ovard tumblr pinterest_-13 urban outfitters room decor summer diy ideas inspiration aspyn ovard tumblr pinterest_-18

Good Vibes Pillow | Printed Body Pillow | Fuzzy Pink Pillow

I also got a couple new throw pillows… If you know me or have ever been to my house you know that I do not need any more of these ha! I have SO many. I like to have different color choices to switch up the background of my videos or even for pictures but wow I really have way too many pillows. I love this printed body pillow and also have wanted the Good Vibes pillow for so long so I am happy to have added it to my collection!

As for the lights on my headboard, they have been there for a while but I wanted to mention them because they are one of my favorite parts of my room and I always get asked where they are from so here is the link!

urban outfitters room decor summer diy ideas inspiration aspyn ovard tumblr pinterest_-9 urban outfitters room decor summer diy ideas inspiration aspyn ovard tumblr pinterest_-12 urban outfitters room decor summer diy ideas inspiration aspyn ovard tumblr pinterest_-10

I ordered a clothing rack for my room and IT’S SO CUTE! I don’t have enough clothes of the same color scheme to fill up the whole thing yet but I have been dreaming about hanging my hats on the ends which is so weird but I was just really excited to get this clothing rack in the mail haha. I put this little white cube next to it and I think the whole setup is so cute!

urban outfitters room decor summer diy ideas inspiration aspyn ovard tumblr pinterest_-20 urban outfitters room decor summer diy ideas inspiration aspyn ovard tumblr pinterest_-15urban outfitters room decor summer diy ideas inspiration aspyn ovard tumblr pinterest_-2 urban outfitters room decor summer diy ideas inspiration aspyn ovard tumblr pinterest_-4 urban outfitters room decor summer diy ideas inspiration aspyn ovard tumblr pinterest_-5 urban outfitters room decor summer diy ideas inspiration aspyn ovard tumblr pinterest_-8

This week on my channel I decided to do a DIY Room Decor video! I showed some clips of my new decor and also made 3 easy DIY’s. I did a cute yarn wall hanging thing and I also used this printer from Urban to print out some photos for my second DIY! This printer is amazing and so convenient! I printed out my photos and then literally just taped them to a stick that Parker found for me haha. For the last DIY I wanted to make some easy jewelry trays for my nightstand and those turned out decent but definitely could have been cuter if I had any artistic talent at all…

urban outfitters room decor summer diy ideas inspiration aspyn ovard tumblr pinterest_-6

urban outfitters room decor summer diy ideas inspiration aspyn ovard tumblr pinterest_-23

Also a couple new fashion pieces are in this post as well! I got a yellow dress, a purple dress (both of them have the cutest prints) and also this bodysuit which I love so much! I have been doing a lot of hauls on my YouTube channels showing you guys thing that are cute to wear so make sure you are caught up on those!

Overall I love the new decor and I have actually been talking to a designer about doing our living room and kitchen so the house finally seems like it’s sort of coming together! Since we have been traveling so much this year decorating really hasn’t been my first priority and I am fine with that but it’s still fun to see everything actually look nice! I hope you guys enjoyed this post, don’t forget to check out the video below to see the room and the DIY’s! And let me know what  you want my next post to be on!

*Thanks to Urban Outfitters for sponsoring this post!


beauty favs beauty favs-7 beauty favs-5 beauty favs-8 beauty favs-3 beauty favs-4 beauty favs-6 beauty favs-2

Hi guys! Sharing some of my beauty favorites on the blog today :) For the longest time I wasn’t really into makeup and didn’t branch out and try a ton of new products but for the past couple months i’ve been really into finding new things to try! I wanted to do a post on some of my new favorites and let you guys know what I think about them! Also comment below any of your summer favorites or any blog post ideas!

1. Tarte Brazilliance Plus Self Tanner – This stuff is AMAZING! I have really fair skin so I am always trying to figure out a good self tanner and I really really like this stuff. It’s a gel and it comes with a mit that is sooooo soft!! I have used the St. Tropez bronzing mousse before and it’s WAY too dark for me so I like this a lot more. I always have streaks and lines all over from self tanning because I am just really bad at it apparently haha but I feel like with this I am improving! I visited the Tarte offices a couple weeks ago and they gave me this to try and they also gave me this spray tanner which I haven’t tried yet but all the girls were saying it’s amazing. Also they have these awesome face tanning wipes which is SO COOL because i don’t like to put regular self tanner on my face so these are perfect!!! Definitely some of my summer favorites.

2. Tarte Rainforest of the Sea Foundation – My new favorite foundation! I also got this at the Tarte offices as I was finishing up my It Cosmetics CC Cream (which I also like) but I was ready to try something new and I love it so much! It’s hydrating and gives a nice glow and good coverage. My skin is kind of oily but also can look really dry especially with powder so I like that this gives a really fresh look!

3. Bare Minerals Sheer Sun Serum Bronzer – I like to mix this liquid bronzer with my foundation since it’s a little too light for me when I self tan. It’s sheer so it’s perfect to mix right in!

4. Bottom Lash Mascara – Why am I just discovering this?!? I have eyelash extensions so I only wear mascara on my bottom eyelashes and normally I just use my Covergirl Lashblast but since the brush is so big and my bottom eyelashes are kind of long I always end up with mascara all over my under eye area and I look like I have black eyes… I like lower lash mascaras because the brush is so small so what I have been doing lately is only coating the top half of my lower lashes with mascara so it still defines them but there isn’t any actual mascara on the ends of my lashes so no mascara gets under my eyes!

5. Nars Albatross Highlighter – I love this shade! It’s very brightening and has a cool look but also some golden shimmer… this has been my go-to for a few weeks now!

6. Tarte Lip Paint – Normally I don’t really wear lip colors but lately I have been loving this Namaste shade! This is a made lip paint, but I also like the Goals shade in the glossy lip paint version!

7. Benefit Brow Gel – This is the only brow gel I have ever tried that actually holds my eyebrows in place. I have crazy brows so this is an essential for me!

8. Pixi Glow Mist – I love using this to set my makeup! It gives a dewy, glow-y look that’s perfect for summer.

9. Pixi Eye Brightener – I use this to brighten my under eye area and I love it! I feel like under my eyes is always really dark so I use this to help solve that problem!

10. Tarte Amazonian 12 Hour Blush – Another great Tarte product! I have a few different shades of this blush and they are all great! Tarte is becoming one of my new favorite makeup brands!


benefit-39 benefit-29 benefit-40 benefit-34 benefit-33 benefit-32 benefit-38 benefit-36 benefit-30 benefit-31 benefit-37 benefit-35 benefit-28

Striped Romper | Hat (40% off!!!) | Shoes (similar and on sale!)

Hey guys! Today I am sharing some pictures from the Benefit product launch event that I just attended in Las Vegas. Benefit is one of my all time favorite companies and I have taken a few trips with them and they never fail to amaze me every single time with how much time and effort they put into EVERYTHING!!! Everyone who works at Benefit is so kind and sweet and I love getting to spend time with all of them! They just launched 9 NEW BROW PRODUCTS! During our trip to Hawaii with Benefit, they mentioned that they had a huge new launch coming up and everyone was so excited. They have apparently been working on all this stuff for YEARS. I have horrible eyebrows so I am always so excited to find new brow products and I was over my Anastasia Brow Pencil for the moment so I was totally looking forward to trying everything. I feel like it’s almost harder to actually have eyebrows and make them look good as opposed to people who don’t really have a lot of eyebrow hair because they can just draw them on exactly how they want but it still looks natural! So point of story I have always struggled with my eyebrows and I love love love the new products Benefit launched! I am so grateful to have a relationship with such an incredible company. These photos I am sharing are from the actual product reveal, but I do have some more photos from the CUTEST “Benefair” that they hosted so I will be sharing those too! There were so many photos so I decided to split it up into 2 posts, plus I didn’t get any good outfit shots so I wanted to take a few more pics in the dress I wore there to show you guys haha! So those pics will be up soon :) Don’t forget to check out all the new Benefit brow products!



Hey guys! We are finally back home for a few weeks and we are LOVING IT! We love to travel and see new places but nothing compares to being home! We have been relaxing and deep cleaning different rooms in the house so it has been nice to have more than 3 days at home to get things done between trips! Today I just wanted to do a quick post with some gift ideas for Mother’s Day since it’s coming up soon! You can click any of the products down below if you wanna buy them for your mama! Let me know what you guys are doing for your moms this year on Mother’s Day :)