Today I am sharing my self tanning routine. I get asked a lot how I self tan and what my favorite products are so I wanted to write it all out and link my favorites. Most of the time I am using my Tarte Brazilliance self tanning gel with the mitt that it comes with, I LOVE this stuff so much! It’s awesome. I also like the Tarte tanning face towlettes. Another one of my favorites is the Jergens Instant Sun Mousse, I use this with a mitt too. The Kate Sommerville tanning towlettes are also awesome but they are kind of expensive so I don’t use those as often. If I want a quick tan that is just meant to last for the day, the Benefit Hoola Zero Tan Lines is great!! I like to self tan 2-3 times a week but sometimes things get crazy and I go a week or two without doing it. It really is so easy and quick though, it only takes 5 minutes for me to do my whole body!


  1. I always start by exfoliating my body in the shower before I do any self tanning. You don’t want any dead/dry skin making your tan streaky or uneven.
  2. I don’t know if this is the right thing to do but I always put on lotion before I self tan. Maybe you are supposed to put it on after but I do it before and haven’t had any issues. I give it a few minutes to dry so that when I do put on the self tanner, it doesn’t get all swirled around with the lotion.
  3. Apply your self tanning product in front of a mirror (and use a mitt)! I never really even paid attention to the fact that I was using my mirror to make sure I didn’t miss any spots until I took these pictures of me applying self tanner outside and realized it is a lot harder when you cant see what you are doing! I never ever EVER use my hands to apply self tanner. Ever. I ALWAYS use a mitt and it ends up looking a lot more natural and you don’t get stained hands. One of my friends was using rubber gloves to apply self tanner the other day and personally I don’t think that would work as well as a mitt but you can try out either method, but I would 100% say to not just use your hands! Also I only have a swimsuit on since we were taking photos, but normally I don’t have anything on since I don’t want any lines or streaks.
  4. Let it dry for at least 10-15 minutes before you put on any clothes. Sometimes if i’m in a rush I will get dressed before that and I always feel sticky and like the self tanner is transferring to my clothes. If you let it dry completely you shouldn’t have any issues like that!
  5. For hands/feet/face it can be a little bit hard to make sure things look even and not too orange. I don’t have any amazing tips for this so if any of you do, feel free to leave them in the comments down below! I usually just really try to make sure that everything is all blended out and looks natural, the mitt helps with this a lot when it comes to your hands. I don’t know about you guys but I feel like the #1 thing that gives away a fake tan is orange hands/feet! I definitely don’t feel like the Tarte self tanning gel is orange at all but if you don’t blend it out enough on your fingers/knuckles it’s going to look a little weird. I also don’t like to use the gel on my face, I love the Jergens tanning face lotion or the Tarte face tanning wipes like I mentioned earlier. These products are made specifically for your face so they are going to be better for your skin!

And that’s it! I hope this was helpful to some of you guys. :) I have been messing around with self tanning for years and always had really really bad experiences before I tried out these products! I used to use the St. Tropez self tanning mousse a few years ago and I think I just didn’t know what I was doing/it’s a little dark for me and I have some serious regrets hahaha!! I remember I did a big meetup with my friends in Chicago a few years ago and I used the St .Tropez tanner and looked SO RIDICULOUS because I was soooo bad at applying it!!! I still have the St. Tropez self tanning mousse and I actually like it now and use it sometimes and it ends up looking fine so I don’t know what I was doing wrong back then but seriously I remember it looking so bad! It’s actually really embarrassing to think about… Anyway, I hope you guys enjoyed this post! Let me know if you have any other favorite tanning products!



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Hi guys! Sharing some of my beauty favorites on the blog today :) For the longest time I wasn’t really into makeup and didn’t branch out and try a ton of new products but for the past couple months i’ve been really into finding new things to try! I wanted to do a post on some of my new favorites and let you guys know what I think about them! Also comment below any of your summer favorites or any blog post ideas!

1. Tarte Brazilliance Plus Self Tanner – This stuff is AMAZING! I have really fair skin so I am always trying to figure out a good self tanner and I really really like this stuff. It’s a gel and it comes with a mit that is sooooo soft!! I have used the St. Tropez bronzing mousse before and it’s WAY too dark for me so I like this a lot more. I always have streaks and lines all over from self tanning because I am just really bad at it apparently haha but I feel like with this I am improving! I visited the Tarte offices a couple weeks ago and they gave me this to try and they also gave me this spray tanner which I haven’t tried yet but all the girls were saying it’s amazing. Also they have these awesome face tanning wipes which is SO COOL because i don’t like to put regular self tanner on my face so these are perfect!!! Definitely some of my summer favorites.

2. Tarte Rainforest of the Sea Foundation – My new favorite foundation! I also got this at the Tarte offices as I was finishing up my It Cosmetics CC Cream (which I also like) but I was ready to try something new and I love it so much! It’s hydrating and gives a nice glow and good coverage. My skin is kind of oily but also can look really dry especially with powder so I like that this gives a really fresh look!

3. Bare Minerals Sheer Sun Serum Bronzer – I like to mix this liquid bronzer with my foundation since it’s a little too light for me when I self tan. It’s sheer so it’s perfect to mix right in!

4. Bottom Lash Mascara – Why am I just discovering this?!? I have eyelash extensions so I only wear mascara on my bottom eyelashes and normally I just use my Covergirl Lashblast but since the brush is so big and my bottom eyelashes are kind of long I always end up with mascara all over my under eye area and I look like I have black eyes… I like lower lash mascaras because the brush is so small so what I have been doing lately is only coating the top half of my lower lashes with mascara so it still defines them but there isn’t any actual mascara on the ends of my lashes so no mascara gets under my eyes!

5. Nars Albatross Highlighter – I love this shade! It’s very brightening and has a cool look but also some golden shimmer… this has been my go-to for a few weeks now!

6. Tarte Lip Paint – Normally I don’t really wear lip colors but lately I have been loving this Namaste shade! This is a made lip paint, but I also like the Goals shade in the glossy lip paint version!

7. Benefit Brow Gel – This is the only brow gel I have ever tried that actually holds my eyebrows in place. I have crazy brows so this is an essential for me!

8. Pixi Glow Mist – I love using this to set my makeup! It gives a dewy, glow-y look that’s perfect for summer.

9. Pixi Eye Brightener – I use this to brighten my under eye area and I love it! I feel like under my eyes is always really dark so I use this to help solve that problem!

10. Tarte Amazonian 12 Hour Blush – Another great Tarte product! I have a few different shades of this blush and they are all great! Tarte is becoming one of my new favorite makeup brands!


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Striped Romper | Hat (40% off!!!) | Shoes (similar and on sale!)

Hey guys! Today I am sharing some pictures from the Benefit product launch event that I just attended in Las Vegas. Benefit is one of my all time favorite companies and I have taken a few trips with them and they never fail to amaze me every single time with how much time and effort they put into EVERYTHING!!! Everyone who works at Benefit is so kind and sweet and I love getting to spend time with all of them! They just launched 9 NEW BROW PRODUCTS! During our trip to Hawaii with Benefit, they mentioned that they had a huge new launch coming up and everyone was so excited. They have apparently been working on all this stuff for YEARS. I have horrible eyebrows so I am always so excited to find new brow products and I was over my Anastasia Brow Pencil for the moment so I was totally looking forward to trying everything. I feel like it’s almost harder to actually have eyebrows and make them look good as opposed to people who don’t really have a lot of eyebrow hair because they can just draw them on exactly how they want but it still looks natural! So point of story I have always struggled with my eyebrows and I love love love the new products Benefit launched! I am so grateful to have a relationship with such an incredible company. These photos I am sharing are from the actual product reveal, but I do have some more photos from the CUTEST “Benefair” that they hosted so I will be sharing those too! There were so many photos so I decided to split it up into 2 posts, plus I didn’t get any good outfit shots so I wanted to take a few more pics in the dress I wore there to show you guys haha! So those pics will be up soon :) Don’t forget to check out all the new Benefit brow products!