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Dress | Sunglasses | Shoes | Purse

Hi guys! Today I was getting a ton of tweets from you all letting me know that Urban Outfitters is having ANOTHER DRESS SALE! I have done a post similar to this before and a lot of you liked it, so I decided to do another one! I seriously spend probably 80% of my time in dresses and most of the ones I own are from Urban! They are always just so comfy and easy to throw on! Below are some of the dresses that I have had my eye on for a while… I might have to order a couple since they are all 20% off now! The sale ends the 23rd so make sure to order asap to take advantage of the sale. Can we also laugh at how pale I look in these pictures HAHA! Not that there is anything wrong with being pale but wow I could really use a spray tan or something…¬†Also tell me in the comments which dress is your favorite :) Love you guys!