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Hey guys! Here are some photos from the “Benefair” event that Benefit Cosmetics hosted! They are seriously my favorite company to work with and we had so much fun at this cute fair that they put together! The detail they put into everything is amazing. This week we have been working extra hard and filming a ton of videos so that we can go on another trip next week. Any guesses to where we are going? ;) Oh also I posted a haul this week, I will link it below! And the link to my outfit pieces are above :) I wore this cute orange printed dress to the event! It comes in a ton of different colors so if you don’t like this color, i’m sure you can find one that you do like! I’m writing this blog post while I wait for my video to upload, then I have to make my thumbnail and clean the house! Those are my jobs for the day haha. What are you doing today?

Love you guys!!



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Dress | Sunglasses | Shoes | Purse

Hi guys! Today I was getting a ton of tweets from you all letting me know that Urban Outfitters is having ANOTHER DRESS SALE! I have done a post similar to this before and a lot of you liked it, so I decided to do another one! I seriously spend probably 80% of my time in dresses and most of the ones I own are from Urban! They are always just so comfy and easy to throw on! Below are some of the dresses that I have had my eye on for a while… I might have to order a couple since they are all 20% off now! The sale ends the 23rd so make sure to order asap to take advantage of the sale. Can we also laugh at how pale I look in these pictures HAHA! Not that there is anything wrong with being pale but wow I could really use a spray tan or something…¬†Also tell me in the comments which dress is your favorite :) Love you guys!