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Spring has sprung you guys!!! The weather lately has been so amazing and I am loving it. I wanted to do a post sharing some of my favorite dresses for spring since I can finally stop wearing sweaters! Usually these are the type of blog posts that I like to read the most, I love seeing people’s favorites :) I get 99% of my clothes from Urban Outfitters so I am super excited to be partnering with them today! Let me know what some of your spring essentials are and which is your favorite out of the dresses and jumpsuits I picked! I have been SO obsessed with jumpsuits lately they are the best invention ever. Also comment down below what you are doing for Easter this weekend if you celebrate! My birthday is on Saturday so i’m excited to hang with my family and celebrate two special days! ;)


Obsessing over this boho dress from my store! Sooooo cute!

Link to a similar swimsuit!

Link to my off the shoulder dress, and my shoes!

Hey guys! Wow life is crazy sometimes, I haven’t been able to do any blog posts recently since we have been traveling on back to back trips. We LOVE to travel so much but we are planning on slowing down a liiiiiiiiittle bit these next few months so we can get back on track with YouTube (we didn’t post a vlog for almost a week cause wifi in the Philippines was so bad) and be able to put in the effort we want to put in! We have 2 back to back trips in March and then 1 trip in April and 1 in May so we really are only slowing down a tiny bit haha but we are excited to be able to post a little more!

These photos are from our recent trip to Florida! The Ritz Carlton hosted our stay at their Sarasota and Naples properties and we had a great time! My friends Keren and Khoa just had a baby and they live in Orlando so we took a mini road trip there to see little Landon! He was so so sweet! We also shot a lookbook while we were there so you guys can check that out here. We just got back from the Philippines so I will have some posts from there up soon too :)

Have a great weekend everyone!


Hey everyone! I wanted to share some of my favorite spring dresses with you all! I LOVE these two that I brought on my trip! This gorgeous blush colored one is from Lulus¬†(one of my favorite places to shop for dresses) and the printed one is from Spell. I am heading to Florida in a couple weeks and just ordered a couple new pretty pieces so I’m excited to show you guys those too :) Let me know where your favorite places to shop are! I always stick to the same places and want to branch out and try something new!