Hi guys! Sharing my last pictures from my trip to the Hamptons today! Maybelline treated us to a day at Gurney’s Montauk Resort and it was seriously amazing. It was so gorgeous and we had great weather and great food! We just got to lounge around and relax which I needed to do! I always feel like I have to be doing something (usually working) so whenever I have a chance to really unwind I try to take advantage. Also I was PUMPED to be in Montauk because that’s where they go to the beach on FRIENDS! My fav show! Haha!! I felt super fancy. It was a great day! I wore this striped one piece from Billabong, I thought it was sold out but I just found it on ASOS! My shorts are from Luca + Grae but they are sold out too so I linked some similar ones above. Free People also sold out of this bag but a similar one is here! I also posted a vlog from this trip, watch it if you want to see more of what we did :)


Hi guys! Today’s post is all about my favorite wrap dresses of the moment! I wore this one from Luca + Grae to the beach a while ago in Newport and it was perfect! I’ll share some more of my favorites at the end of this post :) Also on one of my last posts I asked you guys if you like long posts or short ones and pretty much everyone said long! I agree, long posts are what I like to read too. I never know what to write though!!! I guess I will write about what I am doing right now since I took these pics a few months ago?? Just like the last post, I am currently laying in my bed watching Netflix! We just got home from Canada and I have to go through all those pictures we took and edit them to get them ready for a post! We had the BEST time in Canada and I made this fun mini travel diary that I posted on our vlog channel! We are wanting to launch an online video workshop soon but we aren’t sure if we should start with a videography/travel diary workshop or a vlog workshop or an iphone videography workshop! So many choices! We are wanting to start on that soon though since we get tons of questions from you guys about how we make videos. Let me know in the comments which one you would like to see first!

My current favorite purse! It’s available in 4 colors and i’m thinking I might get the mint one too! It’s also under $50!

These shoes are sold out on Luca + Grae, but here are some similar ones! This hat is also sold out but a similar one is linked here!

Do you guys ever edit things and then export it and delete the original file and then upload it to your blog and realize how you totally didn’t notice that your face/body/skin looks SO ORANGE? This happens to me very often…


Those are all my pics today guys! Check out some of my fav wrap dresses in the widget below :) Happy Sunday!


Hi guys! Today I am sharing the last of my photos from my trip to NYC with my friend Lauren! We had so much fun and we are actually going back to NYC together in a few weeks for another event. I love traveling with Lauren cause she is so easy going and up for anything and she also always offers to iron my clothes for me hahaha!!


Our amazing breakfast in the Ritz Carlton club lounge!

Milk Bar ice cream… it took us so long to find this place and sadly it was a disappointment! I didn’t like the Cereal Milk flavor but the birthday cake was okay I guess!

This amazing dress is on sale for 40% off! Link here :)

This pretty set is also on sale right now! Link here.

And that’s the last of my photos from this trip! I hope you guys liked this post!

Happy Saturday :)


Pics from our last day in the Maldives! I said in my last post that I was going to be doing a blog post everyday for the next week to finally get caught up. I was still in Canada when I said that and we seriously had no down time there so I wasn’t able to get any posts up! But now I am home for the week so I have no reason not to post everyday.

It’s funny looking back on how short my hair was in these pictures even though they were taken just 2 months ago in June (Actually I just scrolled through them again and you can barely tell how short my hair really is but… yeah haha). I could barely do a ponytail and now my hair has grown SO much! I liked it that short (besides not being able to easily throw it up in a bun) but my hair grows so fast I would have to cut it every month to maintain that short length so I decided i’m growing it out to a medium length and I also want to dye it a more natural blonde since I get my hair done less frequently now that my mom lives 4 hours away and she’s the one who colors my hair.

Also how many of you guys actually like to read long blog posts? Or who mostly just comes to look at the pictures? I always write short little posts and don’t really go into depth about anything even though I actually like reading long posts! Let me know what you prefer in the comments :)



Today I am sharing some photos from my trip to New York last month aaaannnnddd some of my favorite summer dresses right now! I love love love dresses as you probably all know so below I put together some of my favorites for you guys! Also GUYS like 2 months ago I worked really hard to take a TON of pics on all my trips so that I could have consistent blog posts and now I am literally still posting things from months ago and I have 6 more posts so go hahaha!!! Plus more posts from recent trips! So wow!! I’m going to do a post everyday for the next week to get caught up! Yay!










Today I am sharing a post all about my current favorite jeans! I recently got these from Pac Sun and I love them! Pac Sun always has a special place in my heart because it’s the ONLY store in my small town mall that I like to shop at! We have limited shopping where I live so I love knowing I can always count on Pac Sun to find some cute pieces! It’s pretty much the only place I shop at when I am shopping at home. They have a great price point and tons of different options for different styles. I can go in and find a fun girly dress or some soft comfy basic items!

I normally am in a dress 99% of the time but I have been trying to branch out on what I wear and I am loving this patch-y jean trend lately! These ones I have are a looser fit so you can try these ones if you want skinny jeans! I paired these with a pink striped tank and a denim jacket. I am also wearing my new pink adidas shoes! I went to get the link for you guys and saw that they also have them in mint?!?!? So cute?? Let me know if you want to see more OOTD’s!

*Thank you to Pac Sun for sponsoring this post!


Sharing some pictures from my pool day with Maybelline today! I wore this cute stripe swimsuit from Nordstrom. It’s under $50 for the bottom and the top! I love it but size up if you get it because mine is too small! I got tanning stuff on it when I was trying it on for the first time so I couldn’t return it or I would have gotten a bigger size. The stripes and colors on this suit are so cute! I linked some other cute striped suits above. I will also link my sunglasses here. I have this same pair in black, but I lost them so Parker was super sweet and bought me a new pair in the same black color and I lost those TOO! I have looked everywhere I don’t know where they could be… I will continue my search and let you guys know if I find them!

It was raining a little bit when we took these pictures so I was trying to hurry and eat all the watermelon so it didn’t get rained on!! We also had YELLOW watermelon at the house in the Hamptons! Have any of you guys ever tried it? It tastes just like pink. I’m going to google why it’s yellow right now. I also was thinking that I need to google why the keyboard keys are in the order they are in… Thank goodness for google am I right! I wouldn’t know anything without it ;)


I don’t remember that last time I did a monthly favorites post! I used to do them years ago on YouTube but they aren’t so much a thing any more so I decided to do them here instead! I wanted to share my top fav fashion and beauty products of the month and then I also have a little wishlist section that I wasn’t planning on adding but then I just kept finding cute stuff online so I couldn’t help it haha! Let me know what your monthly favs were in the comments! I am SO bad at replying to comments on here so i’m wanting to fix that! Leave me and comment and i’ll respond :) Also I forgot to add this purse in to my widgets but it’s been my go-to this month! They have 4 colors, I have the pink but I also have my eye on the blue… it’s under $50 too! I’ve been loving sharing my fashion favs with you guys so I hope you’re loving it too! Also the dress i’m wearing in these pics is 40% off!!! It was kind of pricey so i’m so sad I bought it before it was on sale ha!








Hi guys! Doing a mini post today to show you all what I got from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale! The 2017 Nsale is amaaaazing and I swear every time I get on there to see what they have there are a million things I haven’t even seen! I tried not to go crazy so I only got a few things (lol that there is another Nordstrom order on it’s way to my house right now) so I showed you all what I got on my vlog channel! I’ll link the video below so you guys can see :) Love you all!