Today I wanted to share some pictures from our recent house makeover! Mandi from Vintage Revivals reached out a few months back and wanted to collaborate and since our house was barely furnished I was ALL OVER this idea! I remember before we moved in I couldn’t wait to move into my own house and I had all these ideas for decorating. Then I realized that it’s freakin HARD!!! I am so indecisive and can never stick so one idea so I’m glad that Mandi took over and made our place look amazing! We traveled so much in this past year and decorating was just not my top priority so fast forward over a year after moving in, the living room, dining room and entry way are all complete! I am still working on our bedroom… I have swapped out our duvet cover and pillows a million times but I actually ordered some furniture to go in there so we will finally have a place to store some things instead of just putting everything in a pile in the corner of the room 😬. I made a video of our house makeover so I will link that here and put it down below. Make sure to watch it and check out Mandi’s blog post here to see more pictures of the reveal, and she also will have some posts up of the DIY projects she did in our house!


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Happy holidays everyone! I am spending this week up at my mom’s house and it is FREEZING here in northern Utah! It’s actually probably like 30º which I know isn’t that cold but… it’s still pretty cold! One thing I love about my mom is how she always takes the time to put up decorations inside the house for each holiday. The past year or so that I have had my own house has been so busy so besides our Christmas tree, no other festive pieces have been out! It’s nice that even though my family is spending this holiday living in a new place, it still feels like home with the old Christmas decor out :). Another one of my favorite things during the holidays = COMFY CLOTHES! I swear I spend so much money on cute clothes but 99% of the time I am wearing a cozy outfit because… why not! I am a huge fan of a matching top and bottom so when I saw these comfy ones on I had to get them! They have so many cute pieces for the winter time so I put together a little collection of items that are on my wish list! Christmas is coming soon so be sure to order fast if you want these goodies in time for the holiday! Also who noticed that Eevee is eating treats in both pictures that she is in?! That is the only way I could bribe her to sit still with me for 2 seconds… shes nuts!

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Happy December! I wanted to share a quick post today with some gift ideas for you guys! It can be soooo hard to shop for people sometimes so I put together a collection of some of my favorite gift items from Urban Outfitters! I have things in all different price ranges that everyone can enjoy. I haven’t even started Christmas shopping yet so I need to get on that!! Urban Outfitters always has a lot of awesome pieces so i’ll be heading back over there now to purchase some goodies to gift! Hope you guys enjoy this and find it useful! Let me know if you want to see any other holiday posts!

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