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Today I am sharing some of my favorite gingham print pieces! I love love love this print and seriously want to buy everything I linked below. We also have these cute gingham shorts and this gingham top on Luca + Grae right now! I have been wearing this dress in my photos non stop since I got it and I think it was sold out for a little but now a few sizes are back in stock so if your size is available I definitely recommend getting it! So easy to throw on for the hot summer days!

I hope you guys enjoyed this post :) Let me know what else you want to see!







Last week I flew to NYC to do a meetup with St. Ives at their mixing bar pop up shop! I have used St. Ives for years (my fav product is the Green Tea Scrub!) so I was so excited to be working with them and I LOVE the concept of their mixing bar! You can create a custom face scrub or body lotion and it’s awesome! The shop is SO cute and closes on July 30th so if you live in NYC or are visiting I totally recommend you check it out. All the girls working there were so nice and the experience is so fun. Thank you to everyone who came to the meetup! It’s always so fun to meet you guys. If any of you go to the mixing bar, tell me what you make!



I am SO obsessed with these shoes! They go with everything and are so easy to slip on. They are my go – to shoes right now!

Linking my half moon necklace here, and my choker is sold out on Luca + Grae but follow our IG account and turn on notifications so you see our post about them getting restocked if you want one!

We went back to the Maldives to celebrate Parker’s 22nd birthday! We were in Singapore for a few days so we decided to come back to relax for a little bit. We stayed at the Sun Aqua Vilu Reef which is a partner hotel of the Sun Siyam, which is where we stayed the first time. The resort was nice and quiet since it’s not the peak season. We had really great weather and a nice time lounging around, taking pictures, and eating way too much food! Usually on our trips our schedule is so packed, which is how it was in Singapore, so it’s always nice to have some down time. We stayed in this beach villa for the first few nights before switching to an overwater bungalow! Both are equally great but I think I preferred the villa because the pool was bigger and we had fun swimming in it on our first day there. I also LOVE the big bed swing too! We hung out on there at night and watched the sunset. Not a bad way to spend your birthday! ;)

We went out to dinner one night and snapped some pics in this outfit. I looooove prints so I am obsessed with this top! These shorts are from Luca + Grae but they are sold out so I linked some similar ones above. I think they are being restocked so keep your eyes peeled!! They always sell out quick! I also carried around this cute straw bag from Urban and slipped on my pink Revolve sandals. Perfect outfit for a walk on the beach!



Today I am sharing the last of my pics from Barcelona! I still can’t believe how much I loved this city! We visited Park Guell on one of the days we were there, it’s something you definitely have to see! I read online that some people thought it wasn’t worth it to go inside and that you can just see it from the outside if you’re trying to save money/in a rush but I definitely recommend actually going in! We bought tickets online before so that we didn’t have to wait in a big line so I recommend doing that too! After Park Guell we went to Brunch & Cake and had the most amaaaaaazing lunch! The acai bowls were in a pineapple!!!!! I also got a passionfruit smoothie drink that was delish and my mom got a really yummy salad. Also the romper I’m wearing is from Luca + Grae but it’s sold out so I will link some other cute striped pieces below!


I love this pic of me and my momma!

The prettiest beach!

This market had the BEST strawberry lemonade drink! I also grabbed some watermelon to snack on. It was so easy to eat healthy here!

Here is the link to my dress and a few other similar pieces!

Another post from Spain! We took a train to Sitges on our last day, I think it was like $21 round trip for 3 of us and it took us like an hour to get there. The town is pretty small so we just ate lunch and walked around for a few hours. I tried to look up some things to do there but I couldn’t really find much so we just explored and took some pictures! One of my favorite things about my mom is that she always reminds me to be in the moment and she just loves every single detail of every single thing so the whole time we were saying, “LOOK AT THAT PLANT! LOOK AT THAT BUILDING! LOOK AT THAT DOG!” every 5 minutes! Spain had the cutest dogs by the way?! They were all tiny and so cute!!!!!! My mom said the first day that she wanted to see a little beach town so i’m glad we made the trip to Sitges! I definitely recommend it to anyone who is visiting Barcelona/Spain.

Here is a link to my dress! It’s under $100 and I LOVE IT! And this bralette goes perfect underneath!

We stayed at the Hotel Arts in Barcelona and they were so good to us and hosted us in this three bedroom apartment suite! I snapped a couple pics to show you guys! This hotel was right by a bunch of cute outdoor food areas and next to the beach. Every night we would go out to get a treat and then head down to the water to end the day! So many good memories!


La Boqueria was amazing! So many yummy and healthy food options.

We ate brunch at Flax & Kale and it was also yummy! I swear all we did in Barcelona was eat. Normally I have a hard time finding good plant based options when I travel but Barcelona had sooooo many amazing vegan options!


My first time in Barcelona was so so so fun. My mom, sister and I were in London for an event and since I had been there before I wanted to visit somewhere else too so we picked Barcelona and i’m so happy we did! I was so excited to wear this dress from Luca + Grae but it sold out so I can’t link it for you guys :( I will link some other cute striped dresses that I love down below! We also just launched 50 new pieces on Luca + Grae last week so check there too for more cute pieces!


Hi guys! Today’s post is going to be all about my bedroom! I have decorated my bedroom 5 million times since I moved in and this is my latest decor ;) I love how it’s looking and wanted to share some photos!










This plant is from Lowes and the basket is from TJ Maxx!


I keep a clothing rack (from Ikea)  in my room that I use to keep track of outfits I want to shoot for blog posts! I was planning on hanging up hats on this wall instead but this helps me stay more organized!

This basket is from Target, I always have random things in my room from filming videos so I toss them in here usually!


I came out with a Popsockets collection!!! Check them out here!

I am obsessed with this mirror from my store!! It’s cute and simple and it’s nice to have the little tray connected so you can keep your favorite things there!

And that’s my bedroom! I love the neutrals mixed with black and white prints! I filmed a Room Tour video so I will post that below too. Thanks for reading!!


SWEATER | SHORTS (similar and 40% off!) | SHOES 

This was my first time walking around Notting Hill! The colorful streets are amazing! Also the Farmacy restaurant that I talked about in my last post was near this area. Definitely a fun way to spend an afternoon!

Milk Train is not in Notting Hill but I wanted to share these pics! We waited for about 30 minutes to get this ice cream and it was sooooo good! My mom and I shared the caramel popcorn flavor and my sister got the oreo one! I had to fight them both to convince them to get the cotton candy floss around the cone since none of us actually like cotton candy but it was for the photo ;)

We also stopped at Big Ben after! A perfect way to end our trip to London. I hope you guys enjoyed this little post! Barcelona pictures are coming soon!



Hi guys! This past week I went to London with Pixi Beauty for an event that they had. I brought my mom and my sister with me on a little GIRLS TRIP! It was so much fun! I have been to London a few times and my mom has been once but Avrey hadn’t been before so I was excited for her to get to see everything. Normally I am such a planner when it comes to trips (and everything else in life) but this time I didn’t really make an itinerary at all and we were only spending two days in London so we had one or two things we wanted to see and the rest of the time we were either with the Pixi crew or just walking around! I just ordered this dress from ASOS and I am obsessed with it but it sold out so I will link similar dresses here, here and here! My purse also sold out because it went on sale (of course I bought it like the week before it goes on sale!!) but they have a really similar one that I will link here, I think it’s just a little bit bigger and has a pocket on the front which I love!


We tried out Roots Juicery for breakfast our first day! These acai bowls may look pretty but they did not taste pretty!!! They were really watery and almost warm… not very yummy!

We went to Carnaby Street which is one of my fav places to visit in London and we found this cute cupcake shop called Crumbs & Doilies! The cupcakes were SO good and I loved that they had little bite size ones! I got a bite size Rolo cupcake and it was the perfect size and was AMAZING!

Okay I just realized this entire post is all about food hahaha but another yummy place we went was called Farmacy! I don’t remember if it was full vegan or just vegetarian with vegan options but we got the veggie burger, a flatbread thing and a bowl with black beans and rice (or quinoa or something…). We also had the hummus and it was SO good too! This place seriously was amazing and I need to go back!

We also visited Buckingham palace! Lots more pictures to come :) We headed to Barcelona after London and it was so incredible so i’m excited to tell you guys all about it!