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Top of the Rock


Top of the Rock is one of my favorite places in NYC! I go almost every time I visit the city. I was just stalking my own blog and I did posts back in 2016 and 2015 with pictures from this same spot! It’s so fun to look at those old posts and see how much my photos have changed! These ones are definitely the cutest I think, haha!! If you guys are going to New York soon I definitely recommend coming here. Also get your tickets online before so you can make sure you get the time slot you want and avoid lines! Comment what your favorite place/thing to do in New York is if you have been!



Let’s All Be Kynd


Dress | Bandana | Sunglasses

Hi guys! Sharing some pics from our morning at Kynd Community back in Bali. This place is the CUTEST. EVER! The owners were SO nice and the food was amazing (you guys saw that pic of my oreo shake above, right?!). I 100% recommend you try this place if you go to Canggu. I literally got a smoothie bowl, waffle and milkshake. I needed to try everything!!! Parker got avo toast and that was also great.

I am currently sitting on the floor in the New York airport while I write this post. We came here for a few days and just for fun and it’s been awesome! Pics from this trip will be up soon!!

Love you guys!!


12 Things

Hi guys! Today I wanted to do a 12 Things post! I’m not sure if this is a known series or if Amber Fillerup is the only one who has done it but I love reading these posts! You basically just… write 12 things hahaha. I also want to start doing Friday Favorites and sharing some of my fav items each week! I’ve been trying to think of some series ideas I can do on the blog! Let me know if you guys have anything specific that you want to see!

  1. My Bali Travel Diary is up today! I’m really excited that I could put something together with the footage we got cause I thought for sure that we didn’t get enough to make anything!
  2. We have been up at my mom’s house for a week. She got a surgery last week so we have been up here helping with things like picking up kids. I vlogged a little bit about the surgery and i’m planning on doing a mini Q&A with her about it on Friday’s vlog!
  3. Parker and I are planning on doing an online video workshop and we just booked a trip to Portland so we can shoot there for the workshop. As we get more into planning this all out I am starting to get so stressed about it! It’s so much work and we want it to be PERFECT for you guys! I’m not sure when we are going to launch it but we are going to try and have it out sometime in November.
  4. My little sister got her permit! I don’t understand how she is 15… I swear she’s like 9.
  5. I have been wearing this sweater jacket thing nonstop since I have been up in Salt Lake. It’s so comfy I need to wear it. Every second. Of Every day.
  6. The room we sleep in at my mom’s house has no windows and it has been SO hard to wake up in the morning at a decent time. Normally at home our room is super bright at like 7 am so am up by 7:30 with no alarm but here I will not set an alarm and wake up at 10… We came here right after we got back from Bali so our sleep schedule was off anyways and now it’s still not back to normal!
  7. My grandma made the BEST soup for dinner last night. I will find a recipe and link it here. It was broccoli and potato and it was vegan too! SO good.
  8. I’m going to New York next week! Just for fun, with Parker and Lauren and one of her friends. I don’t think i’ve ever been to the city just for fun! I’ve always had some type of event or work thing to be there for. I have been LOVING New York lately and am so excited to be there again. I think it’s my 4th time in 3 months!
  9. I got a notification on Facebook the other day from a post 3 years ago about me dyeing my hair blonde! I don’t even remember having brown hair! I rewatched the vlog about it, I was very obnoxious in 2014 hahaha.
  10. Our 2 year wedding anniversary is in 18 days! We were going to go to Puerto Rico but with the hurricanes we postponed our trip.
  11. Every morning for breakfast I eat oatmeal with strawberries and peanutbutter. It’s SO good. I used to just put honey on my oatmeal but this is way better.
  12. I planned my halloween videos yesterday and ordered the stuff I need and I am so excited to shoot them! I am doing DIY Couples Costumes and Cheap vs Expensive Costumes.

Happy Thursday! It’s almost the weekend!!



Striped Skirt in Bali

Hi guys! Just popping in to do a little OOTD post today. I wore this skirt from Luca + Grae while I was in Bali and I paired it with my new bralette from Free People. I wanted to find a white crop top to pair with the skirt but couldn’t find one so I bought this bralette last minute and actually loved the way it looked since the skirt goes up so high! I paired it with my favvvvvv slip on shoes, my straw circle purse, and these sunglasses! I wanted to find a link to Jaci’s dress (from ASOS) but I can’t find it! She looked so cute though. I’m also working on our Bali Travel Diary today! I have been trying to get caught up on work since we got home and I think today I might actually get everything done! My To – Do List today was to do a blog post (✔️) , edit photos from our last LG shoot (✔️), clean my room (haven’t done that yet) and finish the travel diary! I have been working all day everyday just catching up on things so I am excited to get everything done today so that tomorrow I can maybe get out and do something other than sit on my computer allll day. I love love love my job but I wish that somehow I could do the same job and get the same things done without always having to be on my computer or phone for hours on end. Comment your job or where you work down below!

Have a good day guys!


September Favorites!












Hi guys! I wanted to do a post today sharing some of my favorite things from this past month! I did one of these posts back in July too (link here). I think they are fun to read! I love to see other people’s current favs :) I will put my beauty and fashion favs below, and then also a wishlist too! I have my eye on so many things right now! I’ll also add some of my current favorite Luca + Grae items too. We just launched our fall collection so there are a ton of cute pieces up right now.






1. Dayzee Girl Fleece Top – I wore this yesterday it’s the cutest!

2. Mystic Seaport Maxi Dress – I wore this in Bali, it comes in 3 colors!

3. All About Me Bandana– I also took this to Bali with me and wrapped it around my bun!

4. Great Outdoors Beanie – I don’t know how we aren’t sold out of this yet. I love it!

5. The Charlie Jean – I just got a pair of these and I love them! The rips and crop fit are perfect.

6. Spruce Pine Jacket – I don’t have one of these yet but I want one! I love anything super cozy so I need this.






That’s all from me today! I have lots more posts ready to go up this week :) Also how is it October already?!?!? Time goes by so quick. I hope you guys are all having a relaxing Sunday!


Bali Travel Guide! What to Do, Eat & See!

Hi guys! I wanted to share a mini travel guide of Bali since so many of you are asking what we did while we were there! We had 5 full days there so we had a good amount of time to explore but it definitely was not enough time to see everything! I wanted to share some of the thing that we did, ate, and saw! If you guys have any other recommendations for anyone, leave them in the comments below so we can all see!



We stayed in Canggu! I have heard this is the place to be in Bali. I’m really glad we stayed here! It was really easy to get around on scooters we rented and there were TONS of awesome food options nearby, and we were close to a beach! I will link our AirBnb here! It was 4 bedrooms and really pretty!



I wanted to list a few of my fav cafes that we went to! I think Jaci is doing a full Bali food guide so if she posts that i’ll come back and link it!

We ate at Peloton like 5 times! BEST food EVER! It’s a completely vegan restaurant and they have so many awesome options. You NEED to try the Mango Madness smoothie, waffle fries, and the nachos! So good.

 We also loved Kynd Community! The owners were so so sweet and kynd (hehe) and the food was also super yummy! This is the place in Bali that does the letters on their smoothie bowls! Get the Cookies n Cream Freakshake, the Dream Boat waffle and the Berry Tropical bowl!

The Shady Shack was another one of my favorites! We went here our first day for our first meal! I got some kind of falafel plate and it was so yummy! I think I also got a smoothie bowl and that was great too.

Also you have to go to Mad Pops! Not necessarily for the ice cream but more for the picture… The ice cream is all vegan and coconut based and i’m not a huge coconut lover so I wasn’t crazy about it but i’m still glad we went! And be warned, this place is extremely TINY. Like 5 ft x 5 ft… You can only fit like 3 people inside so me and Jaci taking our Canon 1DX cameras in and trying to get pics and videos during the busiest hour was not a good idea! I did have a Mad Pops popsicle at Peloton and that was better than the ice cream, they sell those in the ice cream shop too so get one of those!



One of my favorite things we did was drive to Ubud to the rice terraces! We had to wake up at like 4 am and drive an hour for this but it was so worth it. They were amazing! Apparently you have to pay to get in if you go later in the morning/day so we went super early and didn’t have any issues with getting in for free!


We went to the Bali Swing (also in Ubud)! This was so different than we expected. We thought that it was just a free swing in the middle of a jungle somewhere but it’s actually a place with multiple swings and a pretty high fee to swing on them! I want to say it was $28 per person… I could be wrong though but it was something like that (it was $1 or $2 to just get into the place with the swings, but then you had to pay more to swing on them)! I think that included a lunch plate, drink and access to all the swings but we still thought it was really overpriced especially since we just wanted to swing on one swing! It was still really fun though! Are you have a great dane? Here you can find dog food reviews. If you go, make sure to snap a pic so you have something to help you remember what you spend your $28 on haha!!

We also took a day trip to Nusa Penida! I wrote and entire post on that already so I will link it here! Isn’t the water so pretty! I swear it was this blue in real life! Amazing!


That’s all for today! Tomorrow i’m going to do a September Favorites post. I also still have more Bali pics to post!! I hope you guys find this post useful, have a good weekend!





Day Trip to Nusa Penida!


We went to Bali this past week and took a day trip to Nusa Penida! Looking back i’m glad we did it but that day we all felt a little defeated! We were with our friends Jaci and Leif (I will link their YouTube channel here) and we all woke up super early to drive an hour to the port. We had to stop along the way to get money out of the ATM and it ate Leif’s debit card!! It was also raining that morning… We got to the port which wasn’t actually a port and we had to literally get in the water to walk to the boat. First world problem complaint here hahah but we all just found that to be weird! Me and Jaci were wearing long dresses and we all were carrying a ton of camera equipment so we just wanted a dock to walk on! The boat ride is about 30 minutes. We were pretty hungry when we got there and the only restaurant we could find had really limited options, especially for those of us who like to eat plant based! Jaci and Leif have recently been eating a lot of vegan food and I do too so we ate some potatoes from this random little restaurant and then we hired a driver to take us up to Kelingking Beach! It’s about a 45 minute drive up there, and the view is amazing! It was so so pretty. There is a really steep hike down towards the beach so we walked down that a little ways and on the way back up we thought we were going to die! Steepest hike ever! We only had about an hour here before we had to head back for our boat back so we hopped back in the car and then back onto the boat for the craziest boat ride ever! It was so crazy I thought somehow we were going to sink! They had to close all the windows because so much water kept getting in the boat and it was also really really hot and the boat was so tightly packed and we hadn’t had very much to eat so let’s just say that 30 minutes back felt like 3 hours. Once we got back to our villa we all laughed and tried to decide if we thought it was worth it to visit Nusa Penida. We all had a fun time and I swear the craziest days make for the best memories but I think that day we all were just exhausted and expecting a little more but looking back I still am not sure if I recommend Nusa Penida! The main reason that I just realized I haven’t mentioned yet is that it was I think $50 ish for each person to go! We had been told it was WAY less than that so for the price and the random little things that went wrong we all decided maybe this wasn’t our favorite day haha! We still had so much fun though and are SO grateful that we got to visit Bali! More pictures and posts are coming soon! Also our first vlog is up, i’ll link that below!


Museum of Ice Cream!


A few days ago me and my friend Lauren took a 24 hour trip to LA to visit the Museum of Ice Cream! Lauren bought tickets forever ago and they have been sold out for a while now so we were lucky we got some! We drove to Vegas, hopped on the 45 minute flight to LA and had the best 24 hours ever!! We went to dinner with our friends Kim and Michelle, went to our favorite lunch spot (SweetGreen), went to the museum and then had enough time to get pedicures before our flight! We literally were there for only 24 hours haha! We were just in NYC and we were planning on being in New Orleans next week so we decided to make the trip super short. We ended up moving our New Orleans trip because of the Hurricane so now I am going to Bali this week instead! I’m actually writing this post from my airbnb in LA. I flew back home with Lauren and then flew right back the next day because we are flying out of LAX to go to Bali and had to stay here overnight first. Currently sitting here waiting for my Uber Eats to be delivered… we got in last night around 11 and i’ve already had Uber Eats once. It’s so hard not to just order it when it’s right there!! Right?! We are meeting our friends Jaci and Leif in Bali and I am SO EXCITED! We have been planning on doing a trip with them forever and we were going to do Cuba in a few weeks but they have been traveling around Europe for a while and just headed over to Bali to end their trip so we decided to meet them there instead because I found some last minute tickets that were a good price. So Bali blog posts coming soon! If you’ve been there before, leave recommendations down below!


A week in Banff!

Hey guys! Sharing a few photos from Banff today! We were up in Banff shooting with Albion Fit for a few days and then we attended the Somewhere Devine video expedition! We had such a busy schedule everyday so we didn’t get very many photos of our own! We did do a mini travel diary though so i’ll link that below! This was also our second Somewhere Devine expedition, we went to Peru in July but the video isn’t done so I haven’t done a blog post on that yet.

We are so lucky that we got to spend this week with two groups of great people! I feel like I never really have an opportunity to meet new people when I am at home so I love love love doing trips like these where I get to meet lots of new friends and make great memories. That’s all for today, happy Sunday guys!