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Spring has sprung you guys!!! The weather lately has been so amazing and I am loving it. I wanted to do a post sharing some of my favorite dresses for spring since I can finally stop wearing sweaters! Usually these are the type of blog posts that I like to read the most, I love seeing people’s favorites :) I get 99% of my clothes from Urban Outfitters so I am super excited to be partnering with them today! Let me know what some of your spring essentials are and which is your favorite out of the dresses and jumpsuits I picked! I have been SO obsessed with jumpsuits lately they are the best invention ever. Also comment down below what you are doing for Easter this weekend if you celebrate! My birthday is on Saturday so i’m excited to hang with my family and celebrate two special days! ;)


Click here for a link to my dress!

Link to my swimsuit here!

Here is the link to my romper, sunglasses, and choker!

Love him!!!

We spent a few days on Necker Island last week with our Benefit fam and we had SO much fun! The trip was really relaxing and we just got to hang and enjoy being with friends. This is our last big trip for a couple months! We have a couple little mini trips coming up and some new projects we are going to start working on so i’m excited to have some more time at home to be able to focus on those. Benefit released their new Galifornia box powder and their Cheek Parade palette so make sure to check those out! Necker Island was so beautiful and fun. We got to feed lemurs which was so crazy!! We always love a trip with our Benefit friends!! I will link our vlog from the trip below. Have a good weekend everyone!


This guy told me I should take a picture of him so I did, haha!

Dressed warm cause it’s still cold in Mykonos!

Link to my sweater, it’s on sale!

Isn’t Mykonos GORGEOUS! It was my first time visiting this island and I loved it. We (my friend Lauren and I) stayed at the Semeli Hotel and the location was great. Everything was so close and it was really easy to walk to any place we wanted to visit. Unfortunately most places we wanted to visit were closed because the tourist season hasn’t come around yet, but we still had so much fun! We loved walking around the streets and seeing how beautiful everything is. I had heard that Mykonos was better than Santorini but I actually still like Santorini best. They really aren’t comparable and I LOVED Mykonos so much but if anyone is trying to decide which to visit first, I vote Santorini (Oia specifically)! Next time I go to Greece I really want to visit Zakynthos. If you guys have been, tell me!! It looks amazing. All of Greece is amazing! I think Greece is one of my favorite countries to visit. Everyone was so nice and kind. It’s funny how many locals stopped to ask us why we were visiting when we were since there were hardly any other tourists there. Our spring break vlog of this trip is up, so I will link that below!